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Upcoming online Hive courses include:

  • Entrepreneurship School with Ryan Allis
  • Rapid Prototyping with Tom Chi
  • Designing Your Life with Ryan Allis and Nadia Mufti
  • Wild Awakening: Feminine Intuition with Danielle Blum
  • Reducing Stress Through Mindfulness with Danielle Blum
  • Flow Mastery with Justin Faerman and Jackie Knechtel
  • Digital Marketing Accelerator with Jake Brenner

Course: Entrepreneurship School With Ryan Allis

Description: An online, ten week course on growing your business past $1M in annual sales

Instructor: Ryan Allis

Instructor Bio: Ryan previously built his company iContact from startup to 300 employees, $50 million in annual sales, and 70,000 customers, raised $35 million in venture capital, and sold the company for $170 million. Ryan has an MBA from Harvard Business School and is an angel investor in SpaceX, LendingClub, and Off-Grid Electric. He is dedicated to building a global community of leaders working on creating a better world.Ryan is the founder and Chairman of Hive and lives in San Francisco, CA. 

Who is this for: Any entrepreneur who is building a company and wants to learn how to grow it into a multi-million dollar company. For CEOs and founders of companies with $0 to $10M in annual sales.

Length: 10 weeks, each new module is delivered weekly on Wednesday. There are small assignments between each class session.

Week Content
Week 1 The Purpose of Your Business
Week 2 Creating Your Startup Plan
Week 3 Creating Products People Love
Week 4 Acquiring Lots of Customers Through Digital Marketing
Week 5 Building Your Sales Team
Week 6 How to Raise Venture Capital
Week 7 How to Be Startup CEO
Week 8 Building Systems to Get Past $1M in Annual Sales
Week 9 Recommend Personal Growth Programs
Week 10 Startup Lessons Learned / Bringing It All Together

Cost: $495

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