Hive Global Leaders Program December 2016

Aditya Mandaliya

Co-founder, Rezofin
Mumbai, India

Aditya Mandaliya is competitive by nature and loves to be challenged. He graduated top of his class from IIT Bombay (2014), one of India’s most prestigious engineering college, known for their tough entrance exam and ~2% acceptance rates.

He joined Citibank’s Management Associate Program after college. While at Citi he stumbled upon the working capital gaps faced by millions of SMEs in India. He co-founded Rezofin, an Invoice Discounting Marketplace, to help SMEs fund this gap, thereby focusing on growing their business instead of worrying about capital. He is only five months into his entrepreneurship journey and is learning new things everyday.

Outside of work, Aditya is a total fitness freak. He spends his free time researching better ways to train and eat. Being overweight most of his life, he started his fitness journey three years back with the goal to live a healthier life. He wants to help people who struggle with fitness.

Adrian Wilson

Of Counsel and Head of Business Development, Hutchison PLLC
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Adrian Wilson is a seasoned senior executive with a track record of success in designing, creating and growing innovative and profitable programs and organizations. He is a builder of strong and enduring relationships in a variety of industry sectors, and maintains close ties to the private equity, venture capital and entrepreneurial communities. Adrian is viewed as an inspiring and results-oriented leader in business, civic and charitable settings.

Alejandro De Santiago

Founder and Director, IGNIXON
Guadalajara, Mexico

I just created less that a year ago an Education company (Ignixon) with the purpose of changing people´s lives and inspire them thru unique experiences, powerful knowledge and meaningful network. We offer programs on Leadership, Talent Management, Strategic Management and Organizational Culture.

I am also a professor at a Business School in a private school in Mexico (Tec de Monterrey) where I teach Top Management, Project Management and Organizational Culture and I am a mentor of entrepreneurial projects.

I love traveling, reading, playing basketball, dogs, music, education and meeting new people.

My favorite quote is: “A peaceful ocean has never made a skillful mariner”

Alexander Rosan

Bodyworker, Alexander Rosan Bodywork
San Francisco, California, United States

Amine Maazoun

Competitive Intelligence Analyst, BMW AG
Munich, Germany

As a global citizen with international and cross-functional experience, Amine is interested in the diversity of people with respect to culture, traditions and personal experiences.

Amogh Meshram

Co-Founder / CEO, Aznog Technologies Limited
London, United Kingdom

Amogh Meshram is Co-Founder / CEO of Aznog, a telecommunication startup operating in 27 countries.

Amogh’s vision at Aznog is to build a unified global telecommunication operator.

Amogh is also passionate about renewable energy and as a Electrical engineering student made prototypes that used to generate green renewable energy.

He is also a author of 2 Books on Social media marketing, released in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Amy Paulson

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Global Gratitude Alliance
San Francisco, California, United States

Amy Paulson is the co-founder and Executive Director of Global Gratitude Alliance, a San Francisco-based organization focused on trauma recovery and healing for vulnerable communities around the world lacking access to mental health support.

Amy worked for 13 years in the corporate world, in the U.S. and Europe, for companies like Deloitte, eBay, and SAP, and has served in the non-profit sector as a volunteer, program manager, and board member. Amy currently also serves on the board of, a local nonprofit that provides “compassionate response” to the homeless in the Tenderloin district.

Andrew Skotzko

Cofounder, Advisor, Afriji
Los Angeles, California, United States

Andrew is an impact-driven entrepreneur, product designer, and systems thinker with insatiable curiosity.

Andrew is passionate about building sustainable products and using well-placed interventions to cause thriving environments.

Andrew is especially interested in building sustainable systems and making human/environmental edges symbiotic and regenerative. Such as…

• Sustainable systems/products: sustainable consumption, business models that drive ecosystem regeneration, and repurposing/converting nutrient streams within ecosystems.

• Food: food tech, sustainable ag, sustainable consumption.

• Transition to a clean energy future: off-grid energy access, variable power generation & management.

Andrew Mangan

managing director, Pathway21
Austin, Texas, United States

Andrew Mangan co-founded the United States Business Council for Sustainable Development in 1993. The Council combines the capabilities of its member companies to develop, test and apply sustainability solutions. Current focus areas are energy, water, materials and ecosystems.

Mangan serves as managing director of Pathway21, LLC, a software and development company founded in 2016 to scale US BCSD programs that are ready for commercial growth.

The US Business Council is one of 65 national business councils worldwide associated with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, a CEO-led organization of forward-thinking companies working to create a sustainable future for business, society and the environment.

Mr. Mangan received a master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and attended the Columbia School of International Affairs as an International Fellow. He worked as an AP congressional correspondent and commercially fished salmon in Southeast Alaska.

Archna Chadha

Consultant, AIMIL LTD
New Delhi, India

I have worked for more than 20 years in tech companies. Developing software , leading software Project teams and co founding tech companies. I also provide management consulting to meduim sized companies. I have studied various courses in many universities including Stanford. I have been associated with companies from different countries. My iintrest lies in working with like minded people to bring social change in tech, education and training.

Audrey Chaing

Co-Founder, Basepaws
San Francisco, California, United States

Brenda Estefanía Hernández Barragán

Student, Teenovators
Zapopan, Mexico

Brenda Hernandez is a med student. She’s really passionate about innovation in medical field and trying to deliver the best healthcare to people. She also finds motivation in self entrepreneurship and wants to boost up entrepreneurship in her own city, Guadalajara.

Bruce Chen

CEO, Capsule
Belmont, California, United States

I am an artist and entrepreneur, I had 10 years of academic training as an artist, being an entrepreneur, I have 20 years of experience in founding startups. The first startup I joined in the Valley back in 1996 was a success. I was the 7th employee of the company, eventually it went public on Nasdaq under the symbol SINA. I am currently founding my own company INSTO. it was started in 2013 and the product just launched on 12/15/2016 after 3 years of hard working. Being an artist, I care about the originality of creations, no matter if its for art or business.

Candice Bowditch

Co Founder, Lighthouse Strategy Group
Melbourne, Australia

Candice Bowditch is a co-founder and director at Lighthouse Strategy which is a design and incubation house concerned with social sustainability. LSG’s aim to up-skill the most disadvantaged communities around the world with the training necessary to build and deliver social innovations that are ultimately self-sustainable. Candice is also a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum Melbourne hub and a Google Anita Borg Scholar.

Chris Deckker

Director of events and partnerships, UPLIFT
Main Arm, Australia

Christine Lai

Chief of Staff, Delivering Happiness
Chino, California, United States

Cindibeth Gelbwaks

Lanlord, Business Consultant
New York City, New York, United States

Colber Prosper

Founder, Prosper & Partners, LLC
College Park, Maryland, United States

Colber Prosper is an Adjunct Professor at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) and Founder of Prosper & Partners, International Consulting Firm, LLC. Prosper & Partners (P&P) is a global personnel and organizational consulting firm that develops innovative solutions to complex problems for professionals, institutions and communities. Mr. Prosper specializes in higher education, social justice and coalition building. Recently, Mr. Prosper wrote a book that examines the relationship between power and human potential. This book is in review and will be published early next year. Finally, Colber identifies as Haitian African American and Haitian food is his favorite (#DELICIOUSNESS).

Dalal Altuwaijri

Graduate Student, University of San Francisco
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dalal Altuwaijri is a first year Master’s in Nonprofit Administration student in the University of San Francisco graduating in August 2017. Prior to the MNA program, Dalal had worked in Corporate Banking. She focused her efforts on statistical research, and business and industry analysis. She is excited to work with organizations that strive to execute workable, impactful solutions to the complex problems of poverty, equity and human development, while strengthening her skills to be a better advocate for social change. She enjoy all things food, yoga, and making a difference.

Dalton Lilley

Executive Producer, Dream Writers
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Dalton is Co-Creator and Executive Producer of a TV show currently in development. He recently sold his ownership of Catapult Acting Studios, which he co-founded, and is excited to figure out what’s next. With a business background, Dalton began with a corporate career but transitioned to entertainment. He believes that entertainment can be used to positively impact large groups of people.

Daniel Cassara

CEO, Hudson Daniel Group
Walnut Creek, Illinois, United States

An energetic, passionate visionary who’s purpose is to develop purpose driven organizations that will activate the world. Throughout his career, and through the many travels made worldwide, his passion and mission to define and someday deliver the ultimate customer experience has been interlaced in every role he has played, regardless of the industry. A serial entrepreneur and self-starter, Dan has a unique ability to balance both natural intuition, emotional intelligence and sound business judgment. Until June 2016, Dan was the former President and CEO of a $2.7B multi-national services operation and is now seeking opportunities to either join or develop organizations that serve his life’s work.

David Mansor

Student and Entrepreneur, UNC School of Law
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States

David Mansor is a ball of energy that is passionate about life. He wakes up everyday looking for an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world, in both small and large ways. David is a 2017 Adams Apprentice at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler School of Business. Adams Apprentices are selected because they are students with an impressive potential to be transformative entrepreneurs after graduation. David is also working on several businesses: a rental properties business; a product launch for a sustainable wooden water bottle; a knowledge product for law students; and another knowledge product to help individuals cope with ADHD.

Denis Okurmu

Founder & Team Leader, Golden Consult Africa Limited
Kampala, Uganda

I am a young Ugandan entrepreneur and philanthropist holding Bachelors of Science in Accounting and Finance of Kyambogo University. I am a certified instructor in public speaking, and an author of the book “Mastering the Art of Public Speaking,” (available on Amazon). I also hold a Certificate in Leadership Development with focus on Servant Leadership Model – from Cornerstone Leadership Academy (Uganda). Currently, I am the founder and team leader for a social enterprise, Golden Consult Africa Limited; a training and consultancy firm with the mission of building the pillars of Africa by creating platforms for skills development in areas of servant leadership, entrepreneurship; preparation for jobs and capacity building. I am passionate about improving the quality of leadership and life in Africa by equipping its youth with integral leadership skills, and empowering them to become self reliant and responsible citizens who can champion positive transformation of their communities and beyond.

Derek Sine

Managing Director, Vander Group
Manhattan, New York, United States

Derek J. Sine is the managing director at Vander Group. Vander Group is an end-to-end eCommerce solutions provider, combining digital strategy, data-driven design, development, optimization, logistics, and customer support.

Dru Babcock

Founder/ Coach, Power Curve Coaching
San Francisco, California, United States

Dru is a Mentor at Founders Space and a Peak-performance Coach/Author with Power Curve Coaching. He will assist you in designing and creating your company into fruition while thriving in an exponentially changing technology environment. He is a Certified Flight Instructor and former Airline Transport Pilot. Dru has worked with over one thousand individuals, companies and groups in the past 20 years in successfully achieving their business, flight, athletic, relationship and life results. He is an active entrepreneur and specializes in assisting people who own and operate local and global companies. He has earned his position as a member of the premier team of world-class coaches, who are known as the “Seal Team six” of the coaching industry, founded by an industry father. With his deep understanding of psychology and strategy he is able to coach you and your team to success with your business and life results. He graduated the University of San Francisco, McLaren School of Business and has deep routes in San Francisco. He is a lifelong amateur athlete in the areas of Kite-boarding, sailing, skiing, surfing and fitness/adventure Challenges. Dru is here to serve you in going from where you are to where you want to be; in the least amount of time and steps, while passionately enjoying the incredible journey of being an entrepreneur!

Duncan Mackenzie

Idea Architect, Macro
Jaffrey, New Hampshire, United States

Elias Serras

Community Designer and Ambassador, ReGenerate
Tahuya, Washington, United States

Elias Serras is a resilience researcher, community consultant, and group process facilitator with aspirations to be a catalyst in the global shift towards a more conscious and interconnected humanity. Over the past several years he has immersed himself in both experiential and academic study of alternative approaches to resilient living systems. He has lived and learned in more than 20 different ecologically oriented, and socially progressive communities around SE Asia, Europe, and the US. His current work has been guided by the question, “What is the role of Empathy in the organizations and institutions of the future?” As an aspiring writer, filmmaker, and musician he believes in the power of storytelling to shift consciousness and transcend cultural, political, and generational boundaries.

Erdinç Koç

Social Entrepreneur, World Economic Forum – Global Shapers Community
Berlin, Germany

Erdinç Koç received an international and interdisciplinary education. His work experience and multiple leadership positions have shaped his view on global citizenship and cultural openness. Domestic and foreign projects deepened his understanding of the challenges that the international community faces today. His experiences made him aware that he is responsible for how things will develop and that he need to act instead of relying on others to change things.

Francisco Diaz

Socio-political activist, Socio-political activism
Mexico City, Mexico

Francisco Díaz studied an MSc at HEC Paris – the number one business school in Europe – and worked as a sales analyst at Google Spain and Google Mexico. When he started his journey in India to find the job that would be the most beneficial to the poorest he realised that the answer was to work in grassroots democratic initiatives. By finding the solutions that the poor have to propose to their problems (bottom-top approach), rural communities can then mobilise to protest so that laws can be created or enforced that will protect their human rights. Francisco volunteered for CARE India, Barefoot College, MKSS (a leading socio-political organisation in India that obtained the Right to Information Act and MGNREGS – an employment scheme that provides rural employment to 20% of the Indian population, who are the most disadvantaged – and whose leader, Aruna Roy, is a true follower of Gandhi and Francisco’s role model) and for the Society for Social Audit, Accountability and Transparency (an organisation that audits the Indian government on MGNREGS and other social schemes such as pensions, water and food programs). He knows that the answer to fight against inequality and extreme poverty is called socio-political activism and that even if certain goals may take decades to accomplish, the results of one success could impact the lives of everyone in his country, especially those of the poorest, and even serve as a model at the international level. He also knows that for social justice and a true democracy to be achieved a “participatory democracy” must take place in which citizens become active members in the democratic process and monitor their government.

Frederick Marx

Founder, Creative Director, Warrior Films
Oakland, California, United States

Frederick Marx is most known as a Producer, Director, Writer, and Editor with 35 years in the film and television business. His latest film Journey from Zanskar, featuring the Dalai Lama with narration by Richard Gere, called “Heartbreaking” by the NY Times, is now in worldwide distribution. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Hoop Dreams – also named “Best Documentary of All Time” by the Intl. Documentary Association and “Best Film of the 1990s” by Roger Ebert. Having premiered three of his films at the New York Film Festival, Marx has screened his films at the world’s most prestigious festivals and venues and garnered many international awards, including Chicago Tribune Artist of the Year, Village Voice Sports Journalist of the Year, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and a Robert F. Kennedy Special Achievement Award. Hoop Dreams ignited Marx’s lifelong passion for the wellbeing of youth, culminating in Rites of Passage: Mentoring the Future.

Gabriel Laender

Vila Velha, Brazil

Gabriel has a PhD in Law from one of Brazil’s top universties, was telecommunication advisor to the Chief of Staff of the President of Brazil and has a successful career as telecommunication lawyer. But he is haunted by the idea that digital literacy is urgent in a world where half the population still lacks access to Internet. So he decided that he had no time to waste to take action. He had the opportunity to develop and implement public policy that, in which he had some success – especially in drafting Brazil’s current Broadband Plan. But nowadays he was drawn to another path, one of building awareness of the future to come and taking chances to make better things happen. So now Gabriel Laender is a social entrepreneur behind Squair, a company whose purpose is to connect everyone, leaving no one behind. He is also an educator who tries to bring awareness about the opportunities and risks that the future holds for the technology driven society we live in.

Gordon Ching

Head of Strategy,
Vancouver, Canada

Gordon Ching is currently Head of Strategy for and has lived and worked around the world, most recently in London with Apple as a Global Marketing Specialist and in Rotterdam as Chief Digital Officer for AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-led organization. He has worked internationally consulting public and private sector organizations on youth engagement, employer branding, and marketing strategy. Gordon is a dedicated advocate for youth leadership, diversity and inclusion, and transforming education. He has helped launch Pride@Apple in the UK, was named the World’s Youngest Chief Digital Officer 2014 by the CDO Club, and led the YouthSpeak global campaign in partnership with PwC and the United Nations and resulted in creating one of the world’s largest youth insight platforms on understanding global youth opinion. Gordon is a Chinese-Canadian native to Vancouver and studied Human Geography at Simon Fraser University.

Gratian Mihailescu

Founder, UrbanizeHub
Resita, Romania

My background education is a mix between communication, EU affairs, international relations, local and regional development, studying in Romania, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Hungary. For the moment I am a Phd Student and Advisor to Mayor of Resita. I am a dreamer and achiever who likes to think outside the box. I am very sociable person because I like people. I am involved in two major global projects: UrbanizeHub and EduCab. I am founder of Urbanize Hub, a platform which connects expertise and people interested in sustainable urban development and technology with the aim to shape the future of the cities. I am also socio-innovator of EduCab, which is a inter-institutional platform focused on building the capabilities in rural communities in developing countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Senegal, Tanzania. Both projects are connected, because I think connectivity is destiny. It’s all about social network. That’s why I decide to apply to Hive Programm.

Guillermo Herrera

Undergraduate Researcher and Developer, ITESM / INDI
Monterrey, Mexico

Guillermo Herrera is a Mexican student, driven by how world health problems can be solved with technology, his life’s goal is to impact and make better people’s life.

He works in the Biomechatronics group at Tecnológico de Monterrey as an undergraduate researcher doing projects in collaboration with the University of Houston’s Laboratory for Non-Invasive Brain-Machine Interface Systems. He has worked with signal processing for brain computer interface applications. Also, Guillermo is a management trainee and developer at INDI, a human-machine interface studio that builds technology for people, their most important project is a robotic exoskeleton that helps people to restore their walk.

Helen Chen

Associate, Fremont Group
San Francisco, California, United States

Helen Chen is an Associate of BF Global, a division of Fremont Group, and is involved in the investment strategy, asset allocation, manager selection, and risk management activity.

Ian Downie

Founder, Seva Productions
Tujunga, California, United States

Ian is a leading expert in immersive theatre design with extensive experience in large scale dome building, tour management, show control system integration, audio engineering, comprehensive spherical capture and editing pipelines and fulldome video projection techniques. While his expertise of technical systems is at the top of his field, it’s his deep passion for service through transformational storytelling that motivates his innovative production design and show development. Ian’s devotion to crafting truly inspired experiences of magic culminates in breathtaking masterpieces that expand the story, science and art of awe.

Irene Hong

Second Year Law Student, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Philadelphia, California, United States

Irene Hong is a Korean-American, first-generation law student at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, pursuing her J.D. and M.S. in Social Policy. After graduating summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania in two years, she decided to further her education at Penn Law–although after graduation she hopes to jumpstart her legal career in her hometown of Silicon Valley!

Ultimately, by immersing herself in the intersection of business, investing, social policy, and tax law, Irene hopes to bring a wealth of understanding in creating intercultural dialogues. She hopes that developing a private sector-oriented perspective will enhance her understanding of how the public sector can approach similar problems, and vice versa, ultimately enabling her in the long run to utilize all these perspectives and provide the highest quality legal counsel to communities that traditionally do not have access to these services.

Ismail Aziz

MSc Student, Brunel University London
Erbil, Iraq

I graduated from the American University of Iraq, Suliamani on May 30, 2015, as a Mechanical Engineer. I worked as a tutor and lab assistant while studying at university. Soon after graduation, I started working at Siemens AG in Erbil, the Capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government. I was pleased as a young leader to be a part of the Women Deliver 2016 Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark where thousands of activists, journalists, and young people participated in order to achieve the sustainable development goals that matter for most women and girls in the world. On September 19, 2016, I started studying MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering at Brunel University London. I am excited about the coming graduation on September 22, 2017.

Jacques Sapriel

Chief Question Officer, PhillyEcoCity
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Jacques Sapriel has been living in the Philadelphia area for the past 25 years and has worked in the Tech industry. He has a long-standing interest in environmentally sustainable practices that started with the 1972 “Limits of Growth” Club of Rome report, continued with the first oil crisis and the build-up of the French nuclear energy program.

In 2008, he decided to create Phillyecocity, a regional Sustainability network combining original content, information and events bringing the “green” crowd together. More recently, Jacques decided to focus his action on community building. Jacques is the co-founder of the 2014 Homegrown Music Festival which is the first music festival celebrating local food grown in urban farms and community gardens and music created by Philadelphia artists.

More recently, Jacques decided to focus on encouraging people to create common space by sharing backyards and growing a collaborative environment.

James Ingallinera

CEO, Founder House
Brooklyn, New York, United States

I’m the CEO of Founder House (, a coliving network for innovators. I’m 100% focused on advancing the human race as much as possible within my lifetime, and Founder House is how I’m doing it (more on that below).

Janet Chang

Marketing Analyst, Ample Meal, Inc.
San Mateo, California, United States

Janet Chang is a SF Bay native with a traditional background in human biology and non-traditional background in everything else. She co-founded the first coliving community centered around optimizing human performance. She has undergone a wide array of immersive experiences to refine her perspective on life, including training for the Olympics, managing a startup for entrepreneur Derek Sivers, testing 5 diets in 5 years, meditating 6 hours straight, and writing two books, along with dropping out of college, traveling abroad, pursuing polyamorous relationships, and drinking Ayahuasca. She has spoken at Stanford University, taught popular online classes on Skillshare, and was interviewed by Marie Claire, Techcrunch, and Virgin. Her current work is involves data science and engineering for Fortune 500 corporations and facilitating transformative experiences for business owners and enterpreneurs looking to break through the fog of uncertainty to reach the next level. Talk to her about dance, acroyoga, and SQL.

Jared Polivka

Director of Developer Evangelism, Galvanize
San Francisco, California, United States

Jared is the Director of Developer Evangelism at Galvanize. Jared manages a distributed team of developer evangelists that build web development and data science communities in SF, Seattle, Austin, NYC, Denver, Boulder, PHX (LA, DC and Boston soon).

Jaron Soh

Co-founder, Artisan and Fox
London, United Kingdom

Jaron Soh is the co-founder of Artisan and Fox, an online ethical marketplace for rare craftsmanship from the developing world. Jaron leads the social enterprise’s efforts to help underprivileged artisans access the global market. Artisan and Fox has obtained funding from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), has also been recognised by the United Nations Youth Assembly.

Jaron is also currently studying at the LSE, where he leads aspiring student with the Enactus Society and Hult Prize Foundation. Recently, he founded the Young Social Innovators Lab to incubate social impact solutions by youths across the London community.

Jay Brown

Founder, Driven By Love. Inc/ Evo Room
Encintias, California, United States

Jeff Bausemer

Founder, East Meets West
San Francisco, California, United States

I’m the founder of East Meets West events, a series of conferences and festivals that curate international entertainment and catalyze conversation around human potential + well-being, creative culture, global entrepreneurial leadership and social impact in order to bring about lasting human health and happiness. We believe everyone has a purpose, passion and limitless potential. Our mission is to spark these core principles in our attendees by catalyzing conversation around transformative ideas and facilitating collaborations that lead to human happiness. Through meaningful experiences with original, international and buzz-generating content and entertainment, East Meets West offers unparalleled access to exciting influencers, one of a kind opportunities, revolutionary insights and ideas, and memories that last a lifetime.

Jenn Graham

Founder & CEO, Civic Dinners
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Jenn Graham is a social innovation designer that blends business strategy, behavior change theory, the art of storytelling and the power of design to build issue-based campaigns and community-based interventions that drive positive social change. She leads an Atlanta-based social innovation design firm, Aha! Strategy, working with select leaders of nonprofits, coalitions and governments—at a city, state and national level—to move the needle on important social and civic issues, from early childhood education to transportation to community engagement. Her current focus is on reinventing civic engagement to be fun, social and meaningful and is Founder of Civic Dinners, a civic engagement platform designed to bring new voices to the table around conversations that matter.

Johanna Desbordes

Global Quality Program Manager, Airbnb
San Francisco, California, United States

Born and raised in France, I studied in several places including Australia and California. I worked 6 years in Paris and recently moved to San Francisco. I’ve been at Airbnb for the past 4 years in many different roles. I joined this incredible start-up because I truly believe in the vision to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere. I currently focus on helping Airbnb hosts to reach their full potential: providing great experiences every time. I’m also exploring my creative self through photography, recently painting, and discovered a new passion: watching the sun rise.

Julia Plevin

cofounder, Trouble Makers
San Francisco, California, United States

I’m a designer/writer/entrepreneur. I’m consciously building a company to solve some of the world’s biggest problems with tangible, physical products that start conversation and lead to behavior change. My co-founder and I launched our first product, Critter Bitters, a few months ago to get people over “the ick factor” of eating insects. As the founder of The Forest Bathing Club, I lead groups on urban forest baths to help them reconnect to nature. I also use my design process to help other people turn their purpose into reality.

Juliana Gensheimer

PR/Marketing Coordinator, In-House Realty
Detroit, Michigan, United States

Juliana calls many places home. She currently works at a real estate start-up in Detroit, determined to help make it the go-to Midwestern city. Before that, Juliana worked in D.C. at NPR. She continues to seek out stories on a freelance basis. While she’s not a hipster, Juliana can give you cool podcast recommendations while sipping coffee out of mason jars and using Myspace “ironically”—if that’s your thing. Other places Juliana calls home: Kansas, Massachusetts, and Nashville. She graduated from Vanderbilt in 2015.

Justin Asuncion

Cofounder and COO, Founder House
New York, New York, United States

Justin Asuncion is a cofounder and the COO of Founder House, a coliving network for innovators.

At Founder House, Justin is responsible for the day to day management of the real estate leasing business, financing and administration, and the various impact-related programming the company offers. His vision is to have an impact by maximizing the number and the usefulness of Founder House’s members’ personal connections. Currently, he manages 4 properties, 80 members, and 5 employees.

Previously, Justin was an technology investment banker at Goldman Sachs in their New York office. He was involved in multiple billion dollar buy-side and sell-side mergers and acquisitions and initial public offerings.

Justin graduated summa cum laude from the University of Notre Dame in finance. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and was a valedictorian finalist. Justin was born in Omaha, Nebraska and currently lives in New York, New York.

Juston Brommel

CEO, Brommel Growth Partners
Los Angeles, California, United States

Karl Uhlig

team seeker, self
San Francisco, California, United States

Karl is a tri-lingual quad continental legal/financial and development consultant, who merges AR/VR with AI to circumvent the legalese and financials with block chain and a purpose driven business enterprise to solve emergent needs in regenerative agriculture, education, legal design, fin-tech, and the environmental crisis.

Kathara Green

Content Manager, Core Programs, Net Impact
Orlando, Florida, United States

Kathara Green is the Content Manager of Core Programs at Net Impact. In this role, she leads the content curation for the annual Net Impact Conference, where she has worked with a wide range of leaders to offer their stories and wisdom to +2000 millennial attendees. In addition to the her leadership on the conference, Kathara also works on Net Impact’s year round educational programs, including the monthly webinar series Issues in Depth and other skills-based learning programs.

Outside of Net Impact, Kathara serves on the Advisory Board of Oasis For Girls, a grassroots organization focused on serving girls from under-resourced communities in San Francisco. Kathara is also an avid traveler, eater, and runner, and always looking for her next adventure.

Luan Nio

Country Director USA, Enviu
Oakland, California, United States

Luan Nio is Country Director USA for Enviu, builder of multinational social ventures. She launched the USA office in San Francisco after having spent 2 years at their HQ in the Netherlands and is now leading Enviu’s strategic and operational expansion into the USA to achieve faster and deeper impact. Enviu builds ventures as drivers for system change, with the objective to address issues that impact 100M+ people through implementing sustainable, replicable business models.

Prior to Enviu, Luan worked as a fellow with Kiva and as senior consultant with IBM. She has lived and worked across 4 continents and speaks 5 languages, some definitely more fluent than others.

Luan is a Dutch citizen, married and mother to an adventurous 3-year old son. She lives in Oakland, CA, close to a diversity of eateries and the redwoods.

Lucy Knops

Co-Founder, Trouble Makers, Inc.
Brooklyn, New York, United States

Lucy Knops is a designer and strategist based in New York City. She is a trouble maker at heart, interested in using design to challenge social norms and mix things up in order to tackle the world’s most pressing issues. She is a co-founder of Trouble Makers, Inc. – a collective of purveyors of positive change – whose first product line of cricket based cocktail bitters serve to raise awareness around sustainability in our food systems. Knops holds an MFA from the Products of Design program at the School of Visual Arts, and BA in History from New York University. With Trouble Makers, she combines years of experience working in fashion, hospitality, and bartending, with her skills as a designer to create tangible products with cultural relevance.

Marco Antonio Maradiaga

CEO, Uprising Trust
Culiacan, Mexico

Marco Antonio is a 28 years old entrepreneur who has been interested in business since he was a kid. He runs his own Wealth Management firm he founded 2.5 years ago after a series of escalating business experiences. He knows his mission in his life is that of promoting social impact in this world.

Marisa Levine

Director, INFORUM at the Commonwealth Club
San Francisco, California, United States

I produce live events (also on podcast and radio!) at INFORUM at the Commonwealth Club–everyone from Cory Booker to Andy Cohen to Sophia Amoruso. My goal is to bring new audiences to a stalwart civic forum, and then leave audiences both new and old feeling educated, energized, and ready to evangelize for our organization. From booking to marketing to production, I have my hands in all of it, and feel lucky to curate events for the San Francisco community. My goals include increasing the experiential components of our events, partnering with more companies, organizations and leaders around the Bay, and providing more non-event content for our network.

Masha Drokova

Founder, PR Studio
San Francisco, California, United States

Masha is an angel investor and a founder of the international PR Studio, that focuses on emerging tech companies. As an angel investor, she is looking for impactful tech projects.

Masha previously kickstartered Russian Quantum Center, a non-profit scientific institute. She worked as the PR Director of Runa Capital venture fund, where she transformated an unknown fund into the most well-known and reputable VC firm. At Runa Capital, she advised and helped more than 30 portfolio startups to launch their products, do PR, marketing, business development and HR. As a Vice President, Masha led global communications for Acronis where she ran Communications across 18 countries. Masha is on the Business Insider’s 50 Top PR list.

Before that she was a leader of the largest youth movement in Russia (over 100,000 people) and TV host and producer.

Matthew Millspaugh

Sacramento, California, United States

Matthew has worked for the State of California for the last 15 years working in and managing programs expanding services to persons with disabilities and HIV/AIDS in California. Currently Matthew manages HIV Prevention Data-to-Care programming within the California State Office of AIDS. Matthew directs management of HIV Partner Services, Data-to-Care, Syringe Exchange Program Certification, and supporting the development of capacity building for the biomedical invention Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). Threaded throughout this programming is providing capacity building and policy development supporting health equity and addressing the social determinants of health which are directly related to increasing the possibly of acquiring HIV. These programs among others at the Office of AIDS work towards meeting the goals set by the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS). Matthew strives to provide innovation, creative thinking and leadership to government systems and programs that can at times be stymied by state and federal bureaucracies. Matthew enjoys cycling, is a 15 year participant in the AIDS LifeCycle, a 545 mile bike ride from SF to LA.

Mawuli Dake

Executive Director/ Co-Founder, Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa
Accra, Ghana

Mawuli Dake is a leading African human rights advocate, social entrepreneur and leadership investor. Mawuli is the CEO of Africa Group Consult- a premium consultancy firm specialized in providing strategic expertise/ services to inter-governmental, governments and private partners to scale-up their social impact in Africa. He is the Co-Founder of Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa. Prior to that, Mawuli served as a staff of Barack Obama’s historic 2008 presidential campaign. With background in international law [UN University], human rights [Columbia University] and Leadership Strategy [Stanford Graduate School of Business], Mawuli has initiated and led a wide range transformational initiatives in Africa and internationally. Mawuli served as a lead Consultant for the ECOWAS Visison2020 project. Mawuli is Ambassador for UNAIDS’ Protect the Goal Campaign. He mentors emerging leaders across Africa. Mawuli has a life-long commitment to pan-African leadership excellence and social justice on the great continent of Africa.

May Samali

Director, Tumml
San Francisco, California, United States

May is Director at Tumml, a startup hub for urban technology in San Francisco. She is responsible for managing Tumml’s accelerator program, advising portfolio companies, and engaging in thought leadership. Since 2013, Tumml has provided capital and mentorship to 38 startups, working to solve city challenges from traffic congestion to homelessness. Prior to Tumml, May worked as a strategy consultant at a boutique venture firm, and as Deputy CEO at the world’s largest consultancy for non-profits and mission-driven businesses. She also practiced as an attorney, and clerked for an Australian Supreme Court judge. May is a John Monash Scholar and an Australian American Young Leadership Dialogue delegate. She earned her Masters in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School and her economics and law degrees from Sydney University. She has also provided advice to Australian governments on innovation and startup policy. True to her Aussie roots, May loves coffee, sun, and seafood.

Melinda Woolf

Founding Partner, ReGenerate
Playa del rey, California, United States

Mukom Margaret Neeh

Student/Project Manager/farmer, Ngumbeng ltd
Bamenda, Cameroon

I help poor farmers and women within community to improve on their income level. This is done through trainings on better farming technics, help set up their farms and providing female piglets on the condition that beneficiaries pass on the gift to two others with similar status.

Naitik Mehta

Vancouver, Bc, Canada

I’m a 20-year-old self-taught designer; founded 2 companies, won 20+ design awards, worked with Microsoft twice + 2 design agencies + 2 other startups. I’ve taken an unconventional path in every aspect from school until now and I aspire to be an example for those that would benefit from doing things differently and following their passion.

Rachel Saudek

Social Activist & Healer, Self-Employed
Lexington, Massachusetts, United States

I’m a grassroots activist and healer working to help people rediscover our connection to each other and come into right relationship with the earth. I find my passion at the intersection of justice work, embodiment, healing, and sustainability. My focus lies in empowering women to be leaders in the work of healing the world. I’ve ridden my bike thousands of miles around the country as part of Sustainable Cycles, advocating for women’s health. I am currently developing my practice in consciousness-based healing with Luminous Awareness Institute. I just returned from spending a month in service at Standing Rock. I look forward to continuing the work of coming together for a just and healthy world.

Rebecca Henderson

Professor, HBS
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Rebecca Henderson is the John and Natty University Professor at Harvard University. She spent twenty years teaching at MIT where her work focused on the roots of innovation in organizations and economies. Her current work explores why purpose/meaning driven firms might not only be more productive and more innovative than their more conventional competitors but might also be ideally positioned to help catalyze system wide change. Rebecca sits on the boards of Amgen and Idexx. She is based at the Harvard Business School where she teaches the course “Reimagining Capitalism” and is working on a book of the same name. Her most recent books are “Accelerating Innovation in Energy: Lessons from Multiple Sectors” and “Leading Sustainable Change.”

Robert Fishkin

CEO, Reframe It Inc.
Stanford, California, United States

Bobby Fishkin has worked to connect the disciplines that relate to social impact together so that they reinforce eachother through his career. His work to connect the social science of deliberative polling to the digital science of collaborative annotation was recognized with the McKinsey/Harvard Business Review Management 2.0 Challenge award for the best collective intelligence process. The program he designed, Books For Teachers was has created thousands of classroom libraries. The project he co-developed, got thousands of volunteers to map info from journalism into the Ushahidi map for first responders. More recently, Bobby has worked through Reframe It as an advisor to the Social Stock Exchange to expand it globally, has co-created the CrowdDoing initiative to create tax benefits and bring volunteer human capital to social enterprises along with, and co-led the feasibility study for the social impact bond in Marin County. His work has been used domestically in the Knight Foundation/TechCrunch/Silicon Valley Community Foundation national dialogue on immigration reform within the tech community and it has been used internationally such as the national dialogue on sovereign wealth fund prioritization Reframe It conducted as a contractor to the Center For Global Development as a sub-grantee from a Gates Foundation grant. Bobby is working on Literature Illuminated, a way to leverage automation to help the union of dead writers come to life online, and has been a playwright, producer, director whose work has been performed in Texas, New York and London. The digital annotation software he co-designed was used by more than 800,000 people.

Robert Gierke

Director Marketing, adidas
Nuremberg, Germany

My name is Robert Gierke and until September 2016 I have worked for adidas as a Marketing Director. I have spent 14 years with the brand. However, I decided to resign and to explore other meaningful opportunities. I left in good terms with adidas and still do freelance work for the company. During the month of November I have worked in the Moria refugee camp is Lesbos, Greece where currently 4900 refugee live who fled from the ISIS war or civil wars in Africa. In the refugee camp I have worked as an UNHCR volunteer coordinator in the medical/ psychological area and in the field of education for children and youth. This period was a very humbling and eye-opening experience.

Sarah Bove

Associate Brand Manager, Nestle USA
San Francisco, California, United States

Sarah has a strong background in product, marketing and communications, with experience working for both start-ups and global corporations. For several Fortune 100 brands, she has found both creative and practical solutions to connect with consumers in an authentic and meaningful way. Her experience spans product innovation/development, consumer insight development, distribution and route to market strategy, integrated communications, cross-functional collaboration, and project management. Outside of her ‘day job,’ she has pursued her passion for health and fitness by earning her RYT 200 in 2015, and has been teaching yoga ever since. Sarah continues to study the health and fitness industry to find opportunities that will bring a healthier and more present approach to living to all, and hopes to marry her deep experience in marketing with this passion of hers.

Sibusisiwe Mazibuko

Creative Director/ Founder, Unathi Designs
Harare, Zimbabwe

I am what you can describe as a DIY addict, beyond saving. I have always loved creating stuff, mostly for myself, till my family “told me off” for sitting on such “unique talent”. Hence, I started a small handmade neck piece project, and I woke up one day thinking about wood for some weird reason, (well, maybe because my boyfriend was in the timber business at that time).

At that moment, Unathi Designs was born, my first baby. Our main focus is accessory, furniture and space design and decor. I have an Honors degree in Creative art and Design from Chinhoyi University of Science and Technology, but I have no formal training in accessory interior or furniture design. I love what I do and that is my training.

Silver Stoltsen

CEO, Veret Media
San Francisco, California, United States

Songi Ryu

Student, Harvard Business School
Tokyo, Japan

Songi Ryu is a Korean born and grew up in Japan. After college, I spent 5.5 years in an investment bank, mostly engaging in M&A. I am interested in doing business in emerging market. Last summer, I was working in Ethiopia and Kenya.

Sumukh Setty

San Jose, California, United States

Sumukh Setty is currently a senior at Lynbrook High School in San Jose, California. He currently serves as the Founder and Curator of TEDxLynbrookHighSchool, which is planning its second event for early next year. He also serves as a host on Media Mahima’s teen centered radio show, Thank Gosh It’s Fresh. His latest project is Teendemy, with which he hopes to inspire the next generation of workers and make them ready to contribute to the world.

Tiffany Burke

Chief Executive Officer, Sinclair St. Thomas, LLC
McDonough, Georgia, United States

Tiffany Burke is a transformative leader who assists organizations innovate through modernization of Information Technology systems and process engineering. She is a health conscious, community driven, outdoor loving grounder that is motivated to create avenues of opportunity for others. Mrs. Burke strengths revolve around her ability to execute, her commitment to quality, and her belief in integrity and accountability. She can organize and direct special projects and events under time-critical circumstances as well she is flexible in responding to changing priorities and deadlines while maintaining a professional demeanor. Tiffany has strong research capabilities, assembling and organizing relevant facts and information, interpreting trends, and forecasting outcomes. Moreover, she is a married mother of two handsome sons, Amir who is 12 and Ethan who is 3 years old and supported by an awesome husband in Chevine Anderson.

Valerie Beltran

COO, Consciousness Hacking
San Francisco, California, United States

I’m a psychotherapist and consciousness hacker who believes that technology can help humanity evolve by increasing self-awareness, promoting empathy, and transforming perspectives. I’m dedicated to creating and teaching techniques and technologies (not limited to electronic technologies, I use a definition of technology that includes ideas or practices such as meditation) that organically usher people into evolution.

I’m also the COO of Consciousness Hacking, an organization helping to create a bridge between technology and spirituality, and enabling access to tools for transformation.

For more about my therapy practice, click here:

For more about Consciousness Hacking, click here:

Wilfried De Wever

Head Justice Accelerator, HiiL
The Hague, Netherlands

Wilfried De Wever, the ice cream, currently tastes like innovation, peace, justice, poetry, entrepreneurship, education, words. music and stracciatella, Born in Belgium, raised in Europe, fascinated by the world, he currently heads the HiiL Justice Accelerator investing in 20 justice enterprises this year, mainly in emerging, pivotal countries like Nigeria, Ukraine or Uganda. He draws from a diverse background in: – international consulting work for clients like the European Commission, United Nations, Unisys and IBM – the development of impact oriented initiatives like the Wildlife Justice Commission, ACT, Effectius and Puravisa – the experience of text and song writing – creating outside of the confines of a specific need or client demand

Yen Vu

Co-Founder & CEO, COSIMO Interior
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Graduated from the London School of Economics – A top 10 global school, with more than five years of experience within the banking finance industry, Yen decided to pursue the e-commerce journey as one of youngest senior managers of ZALORA. As Head of Marketing, Yen’s scope revolves around building branding strategy for target customer; building partnership network as well as analyzing, optimizing online marketing channels. Besides, Yen is an active member of the Global Shapers Community – an organization founded by the World Economic Forum with a vision to amplify youth leadership via social projects. Yen was honored to represent Vietnamese youth to welcome British Prime Minister – David Cameron – in the first official visit of a UK’s serving PM to Vietnam – July 2015. Yen recently left the role at ZALORA, continued by consulting for a regional food and beverage group that owns portfolio of premium casual restaurant brands. In the next adventure, Yen will continue to actively involve in the e-commerce – lifestyle – tech sphere.

Yiying Lu

Creative Director, 500 Startups
San Francisco, California, United States

In the last 10 years, I have also been running my own design studio and global clients such as Disney, Twitter, Conan O’Brien, PepsiCo, Microsoft and also worked directly with major global advertising agencies. I moved to San Francisco since 2015 to continue provide creative advice and design solutions for both enterprise and startup companies in Silicone Valley and beyond, currently work at 500 Startups as a creative director. My passion is humanize technology by unlocking and cultivating the creativity within us all. I am on a mission to put the ‘FUN’ back into [tech] FUNctionality.