Hive Global Leaders Program November 2016

Aaron Houghton

Founder and CEO,

Aaron Houghton is a serial entrepreneur, currently cofounder and CEO of the collaborative advertising platform for small businesses, and formerly a co-founder at among countless other startups. Aaron is an active advisor to and investor in startups building unique digital marketing solutions for small businesses. Outside of his career in technology Aaron is a passionate outdoor adventurer and advocates for open access to public spaces for hikers and mountain bikers. Aaron went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for a few years and some people there eventually agreed to give him a degree in computer science.

Alessandra La Vaccara

PhD Candidate in International Law, IHEID

As a PhD candidate in International Law (IHEID, Switzerland), Alessandra works to make International Law a practical and useful tool for the most vulnerable during and after an armed conflict. Her ideas and projects are constantly aimed at shaping the conversation on International Law in vibrant academic communities such as Cardozo Law School (where she is visiting researcher) and Harvard Law School (as Albert Gallatin Fellow). Her main focus is on complex environments and capacity-building of vulnerable groups. After a stint in the international disaster response law sector with the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, the International Federation of Red Cross, and the European Commission, she served as Diplomatic Attaché at the International Committee of the Red Cross, focusing, among other issues, on business and human rights in complex environments. As a Global Shaper (WEF), she believes that individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean!

Alessandra Ross

Orthopaedic surgeon/integral life coaching, Arcata Sports Medicine/Alessandra Ross, MD

Alessandra Ross, M.D is an orthopedic sports surgeon in private practice in northern California. She understands her field from a multifaceted perspective as a fellowship trained orthopaedic specialist and as an accomplished athlete. She’s had an interesting road to the field of sports medicine, including time spent in the military. Dr. Ross entered the military as a way to give back. During her time in the service, she traveled all over the world, including time spent in Europe, Afghanistan and Korea. Alessandra Ross, MD is a war veteran having served in a forward based combat surgical unit in Afghanistan. She has been awarded a NATO service medal as well as four U.S. Army commendation medals. Moreover, she was honored by the Secretary of the Army for being a, “Model citizen-soldier-athlete,” as a 2000 U.S. Track and Field Olympic alternate. She accomplished this during a sabbatical year from medical school at Georgetown University Medical School. While in college, also at Georgetown University, she held several school records, set an NCAA record and won a national relay championship while achieving Division I All American status five times. As an avid athlete, the sports medicine field allows Dr. Ross to remain involved in athletics. Her commitment to a healthy, well rounded lifestyle has led her to explore public speaking, writing and teaching as ways to inspire others to live consciously and passionately. A student of integral coaching, somatic leadership, zazen, feldenkrais and energy work such as raiki and qigong, she is committed to the belief that living life in true awareness of one’s physical and emotional self allows us to take action from a place of love and is the most powerful and transforming gift we can give the world.

Alex Isoken Osunde

Group Chief Executive Officer, LSINIGERIA GROUP

Alex Isoken Osunde is Group CEO of LSINigeria Group, investing in businesses that make social impact in Nigeria. Major areas of concern include: environmental sustainability, job creation among disadvantaged communities, women groups and new technology. Additionally, Alex serves as adviser to enterprising family businesses on good governance, succession planning, growth, performance and sustainability. A lawyer and stockbroker, he had exciting career in merchant banking, industry and consulting over the past 35 years.

Aliya Janjua

Client Support Director, Advent Software

Aliya has 16 years of leadership experience working in a global fin tech company. Aliya is the Director for Client Support at Advent Software, San Francisco. As the Director for Client Support, she is responsible for executing the strategy and objectives for the global support organization, including Advent’s customers’ success. She directs and mentors managers/staff members in the head office and works directly with stakeholders across Advent, which spans multiple offices around the globe. What inspires Aliya every day is helping her team achieve their best, giving them the opportunity to learn new things, improving culture and employee engagement, and giving back to the community.

Aliya cares about giving back to the community and improving the lives of women. She is involved in the Advent Women’s network which empowers, connects, and supports women by building their capacity for success through exchange, community, and celebration!.

Aliya has several years of global mentoring experience through being a professional mentor with the US State Department sponsored TechWomen program and the non-profit She-CAN.

In March 2016, Aliya started a podcast series called Confessions of Successful Asian Women, where she interviews and shares stories of female ground breakers in the Asian American community.

Amuda Mishra

Founder/Executive, Ujyalo Foundation

Amuda Mishra is the founder and executive director at Ujyalo Foundation, a not for profit organization based in Denver working towards advancement of young women and their causes in Nepal. Amuda was born and raised in Nepal and followed her father to the US when she was 18 years old. Right after graduate school, Amuda got an opportunity through Clinton Global Initiative University to lead a project called Project Ujyalo in Nepal. Ujyalo means ‘light’ in nepali. This was an opportunity for Amuda to give back to her community so she jumped right in. After implementing Project Ujyalo in Nepal, Amuda realized that there was much more than the project that needed to be accomplished in the community. This led into establishment of Ujyalo Foundation. Additionally Amuda also works as an organizational leadership trainer working with bankers in Nepal. She was also listed as one of ‘Under 30 Women to Watch’ by World of Women magazine in Nepal.

Anderson Tan

Founder and CEO, Millinillion Ltd.

1. Exits:

• Nikon Philippines – Sold the Nikon business unit to Think Dharma Inc. (subsidiary of TAO Corp.) after making Nikon the number one camera brand in the Philippines for the year 2012 and 2013. Source: GFK Asia.

• Caffé Tiamo – Joint venture with Jollibee Foods Corp. under Coffeetap Corp. which was acquired by Euro-Med Laboratories Phil. Inc. (Manila Bulletin and Hotel Group).

2. Angel Investor – in space, energy, health care, med tech, bio tech, video game, VR, AR, food tech, robotics, fin tech, social media, consumer products, education, logistics, transportation and other startups.

3. Incubator and co-working space – Board Member and Partner at LaunchGarage

4. Space Startup – Millinillion Ltd.

Andrea Solana Trejo

Juices and Nectars Jr Brand Manager, The Coca-Cola Company (Mexico)

Andrea has a solid background in Marketing. She has a Bachelor`s in Marketing from Monterrey Institute of Technology, and has been collaborating at The Coca-Cola Company for 5 years now. At TCCC she’s gone through three different managerial roles leading projects not only for the Mexico Business Unit, but also for the LATAM region in different beverage categories. In 2010 she had the opportunity to study abroad at Yale University for a summer session, and that was the tipping point where she acknowledged the DIVERSITY of cultures, beliefs and contexts, as the base for us all to be greater together and get scalable changes for the challenges we are facing in the World. She’s now looking to get out of her comfort zone, find her true purpose and link it with her passion for nature. She’s enthusiastic about how the HIVE Global Leaders Program can give her more global perspective to thrive together with a network of sustainable, conscious, and innovative leaders to connect with. Andrea was recently awarded a scholarship to attend the MBA at IE Business School in Madrid next year.

Axel Jorgensen

Account manager, Google

Axel has a 5 year experience in Digital Marketing within Google, working in close quarters with fortune 500 companies and their respective C-levels. He is also the Co-Founder and former Director of Cava En Red, a network of NGOs that works with over 50 NGO in Argentina alone. He is passionate about innovation around industrial and product design as well as design thinking and has designed and commercialized several of his own products. As a Bachelor in Economics he has worked in several research investigations related to social work in his country of origin and is passionate about reducing poverty through education and innovation.

Beckie Callahan

Program Manager, Cisco

Within Cisco’s worldwide sales strategy and planning team, Beckie Callahan manages a quota-based, incentive compensation program for sales specialists. As a program manager in sales readiness, she hosts global, virtual meetings and negotiates with stakeholders in sales, operations, IT and finance.
Beyond her professional life, Beckie serves in volunteer roles with the Northwestern University Alumni Association, the Junior League of Palo Alto Mid-Peninsula and Chi Omega Fraternity. She enjoys photography, travel and running. Last week, Beckie finished her 7th marathon in New York City. She is also deeply interested in global issues and cultures. For a fun fact, her mother is Japanese and her father is an American of Irish-German descent. However, no one has ever guessed her ethnicity correctly!

Blair Lineham

Account Executive (Sales), Yesware

Blair Lineham currently serves as a sales consultant at Yesware, helping sales teams foster collaboration and scale effectively. Previously, Blair founded Boston University’s Hip-Hop organization and #12for12, a movement to fuel unity and support within Boston’s hip-hop scene. Blair will be spending 2017 traveling through South America and would love to connect with others who have roots/connections/communities/causes there.

Catherine Louis

founder, cll-group

My day job: We offer workshops for Product Creators designed to

– Help startup founders use lean startup and design thinking to rapidly find problem/solution fit

– Help enterprises find emerging products and long-horizon innovation.

Embedded in my toolbox of methods you will find Lean Start-up, Design Thinking, and Scrum to both energize your cross-functional teams and fill them with confidence.

My volunteer work: Extremely important to me, I am a trainer of K9’s and their handlers to help in the search of missing people.

Charlotte Emily Manson

Advisor, Forum for Cities in Transition/ European Parliament

After graduating in Political Science from the University of Glasgow and Sciences Po Paris, Charlotte moved to Northern Ireland and travelled to conflict zones throughout the Middle East working on peace-building and conflict resolution projects.

Charlotte later obtained her MA in War Studies from King’s College London and proceeded to work as a Crisis Management Analyst at Goldman Sachs, London. Her most recent move was to Brussels, where she continues to advise on a range of international issues in the European Parliament. Her work has included human rights advocacy on Syria to campaigning for Scotland to remain within the EU. Charlotte speaks English and French.

She has volunteered for the Forum for Cities in Transition since 2012, and continues to work for the international network, which brings together protagonists from divided and conflict-affected societies. Creating inclusive, sustainable impact and reconciliation in formerly war-torn countries is Charlotte’s motivation for attending Hive.

Colette Van Straaten

Water Treatment Engineer, Antero Resources

Colette works to leave a legacy of systematic change in the interface between environmentalism, industry, and humanity. Such desire currently manifests itself between energy and environment; natural gas and water. Over the past decade US natural gas development has skyrocketed due to advancements in various industry practices, most notably hydraulic fracturing. This increase in natural gas development and water usage has also increased the production of wastewater.

Colette has put her interests and skill sets in water, water treatment, sustainability, Environmental Engineering, and Humanitarian Engineering to work developing comprehensive solutions to wastewater in the oil & gas industry.
Colette currently serves as the technical lead at Antero for the Appalachian Region’s (West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio) first of its kind and first of its size advanced wastewater treatment plant, which will sustainably manage wastewater from Marcellus and Utica shale natural gas development.

Connor Regan

Associate Product Marketing Manager, Google

Connor Regan is a member of the marketing team at Google, where he works on brand architecture strategy and global privacy and security cross-product marketing.

Courtney Walsh

Manager, Corporate and Strategic Partnerships, Polaris

Courtney Walsh has management-level experience in consulting, corporate partnerships, and business operations, with a focus on human rights and social policy. After completing a Master of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School and serving as Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton for nonprofit, government, and corporate clients, she transitioned to a consulting position at an organization where she could apply her consulting expertise full-time to a social impact-minded setting. She currently serves as the Manager of Corporate and Strategic Partnerships at Polaris, which is the leading anti-human trafficking nonprofit in the United States. She is passionate about navigating the intricacies of human and corporate behavior to garner buy-in and turn the tide on iterative, complex world issues.

Dani Bicknell

Founder, Self-employed

Dani believes in creating sustainable solutions for real-world problems. She has a decade of experience in the private, public and nonprofit sectors in education, sustainable development, technology and intersecting those industries in interesting and innovative ways. She obtained her Masters in International Development and Education from the University of Pennsylvania where she focused on financial literacy, social innovation and gender equality. Most recently, she was a program specialist at UNESCO, where she worked with diverse entities to improve their sustainable impact in an economically and socially beneficial manner. She has extensive domestic and international professional experience, working all over the world, including, Canada, Latin America and Europe. Dani has experience in project design and management, scaling businesses, monitoring and evaluation, leadership training and grant writing.

Daniel Buritica

Co Founder, REALHERO

Daniel Buritica is the founder of the Colombian Network of Youth “RECOJO”, the first network of young social entrepreneurs in Colombia. Along with his corporation, he created the leadership camp BAKONGO. Co founder of the crowdfunding platform SUMAME.CO and the app REALHERO that let you track your social footprint. Semana magazine recognized him as one of the brightest minds in social innovation in Colombia. Also chosen as Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum and Ashoka fellow. Currently, he is considered one of the youngest international speakers in his country. Daniel has taken his message to more than 36 different cities. He was the first Colombian under 30 years old to be invited as a panelist to speak in the World Economic Forum. Nowadays Daniel works to build peace in his country through his project BAKONGO PEACE that brings young leaders (mostly direct or indirect victims of the war) and former soldiers from illegally armed groups to help them overcome their pasts and reconcile. Together, they create a camp for children from vulnerable communities

Danielle Blum

CEO/Founder, World Nativ

I am the Founder and CEO of World Nativ, a growing global community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives connecting minds and sharing knowledge. We provide a platform that educates on entrepreneurship and personal development. We offer business training programs and community masterminds and adventurous networking.

Darwin Lopez

President, Leaders Lead Enterprises

What I do? I empowered entrepreneurs to lead sustainable enterprises through developing leaders to lead, innovating transferable values, and creating shareable stories. We have trained over 30.000 leaders on leadership, strategy, and character development. Why I do it? To honor God in the marketplace by helping to create ten thousand jobs by inspiring, equipping, and enhancing visionary entrepreneurs. Core Believe: I believe in creating communities of like mind people to launch innovative sustainable enterprises to equip leaders through technology, education, and transforming learning experiences to reach their purpose in life. Result: When people are free to pursue their purpose in life, they be free to help and love others.

Dave Erickson

President, Halstead Bay Holdings

Having successfully been in the forefront of the emerging Internet and the development of new technologies for over twenty years, I am now moving into a new level of engagement in helping to create the world of the future. And I am looking for forward-looking entrepreneurs to join me. I’m on a mission to enable the next billion internet users to turn their time and talent (whatever it is), into a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.

Debbie Khasiani

Founder, The Village Daraja Project

I am a Kenyan-American, raised in Nairobi, Kenya. I moved to the USA 16 years ago to pursue an MBA at Tiffin University, Ohio. I have worked in Corporate America in Wealth Management and Accounting and in Africa -Non Profits managing HIV/AIDS and Micro Finance initiatives for women, Relief and Development programs in East Africa and South Sudan. “Daraja” is a Swahili word that means bridge and The Village Daraja Project hopes to be a positive catalyst of change moving resources across to marginalized communities in villages in Kenya majority of whom do not have access to basic social economic infrastructure and amenities. Last year we sent 2900 books to open the first library at one of our target village school and recently shipped 1500 donated school shoes so that the kids do not walk barefoot. We hope to build a Learning Center to support the neighboring schools one village at a time. We are greatly motivated by Works by Oprah, Serena Williams, Madonna and Roger Federer in Africa and Let Girls Learn Initiative by First Lady Michelle Obama. I call my project ambitious and somewhat crazy but it has landed me a conversation with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a tour of the White House. Hoping to learn from others on how to make this world a better place.

Div Khush

Founder, Unnamed Project

Musician, (Coming Soon)

Ellen Jobson

Art Associate, Private

Ellen Jobson is a driven, ambitious and hard working 26 year old woman from the beautiful nation of South Africa. Ellen is an aspiring businesswoman, successful philanthropist and world leader in Business Marketing Innovation. Ellen is eager any ready to learn, absorb and grow through studying further. Ellen is an aspiring Stanford University or Ivy League MBA candidate. With her motto; ‘Speak things into existence’, Ellen aims to achieve great things through knowledge, experience and valueable networks.

Elliot Gann

Executive Director/Psychologist/Beat Maker, Today’s Future Sound

While I am clinical psychologist/psychotherapist by training, I am also Hip Hop producer/beat maker, DJ, and cultural ambassador. I have been working in Oakland and San Francisco Bay Area schools and community settings for over a decade. As Executive Director of Today’s Future Sound (TFS), my work with TFS has taken him across the country and across the world teaching, presenting, consulting, as well as putting on Hip Hop and Electronic music events in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Africa and South America.

Erica Stanley

Founder, Atlanta Network, Women Who Code

Erica is an entrepreneur, technologist and community organizer. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies, including Boeing, FOX Interactive Media, Turner Broadcasting, and Oracle, as well as successful startups. Always eager to explore and push boundaries in tech, Erica has worked in various areas of technology, including web, mobile, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and human-centered computing. Erica is passionately working towards gender and multicultural inclusion in tech, via education and exposure to opportunities. She founded the Atlanta network of Women Who Code, where she and organizes developer workshops, monthly tech talks, hack nights and networking events for women technologists. In addition, Erica collaborates with companies within the Atlanta tech community to help improve strategies around diversity and inclusion. She also sits on the advisory board of 100 Girls of Code where she helps develop new strategies and curriculums to expose girls to technology.

Erik Severinghaus

VP – Account Strategy, Rise Interactive

Erik is a polyglot who has spent most of his career building a variety of technology organizations. Quick notes:

Has been part of cofounding a number of companies, including iContact and most recently SimpleRelevance.

Currently an active angel investor and entrepreneurial advisor.

Passionate about mountaineering and backcountry skiing

Undergrad from UNC Chapel Hill and MBA from Kellogg

Gina Serafim

Substitute Member of Board of Directors, Multivix

Just finished a PhD in Digital Copyright Law and started a role as a substitute member of Board of Directors in a private college in Brazil. I´m interested in getting to know and develop innovation in the educational field and in new ways of dissemination of knowledge and creative related content.

Golbie Kamarei


Golbie is a Corporate Wellbeing and Performance Consultant who helps high-performance organizations maximize employee wellbeing and development. She is a frequent speaker at international conferences on the topic of corporate wellbeing, culture, and mindfulness. Golbie is currently working on her first book that explores the intersection of personal and professional development.

During her eight-year tenure at BlackRock (world’s largest asset manager with $5.1 trillion in assets under management), Golbie held several roles in both investment and organizational development capacities. Her roles included Founding Member and Global Program Manager for the Global Client and Sales Excellence Program; Founding Member, Knowledge Strategist, and Business Manager for the BlackRock Investment Institute; and member of the High Yield Real Estate Debt Portfolio Management Group. Prior to BlackRock, Golbie spent three years working in real estate development in Honoulu, HI.

Golbie earned her BA in Psychology with honors from Stanford University.

Hans Michel Beaugelus


In 2015 my team and I have manage to create an entrepreneurial nonprofit organization. With this organization put in place, we were able to collect enough money to develop two businesses (Aleph Garment Company/ AGC and Aleph Laboratoire Medical/ALM) which are in two different industries: The Apparel and the Medical industry. I had a role that we might call “Investor Hunter”. There are a lot of other business ideas that we are eager to share with potential investors in the U.S. which I’m already looking forward to discuss during this summit. EAPES is a nonprofit entrepreneurial organization. It consists of dedicated entrepreneurs for the promotion and development of the entrepreneurial spirit through entrepreneurship. The association based its foundations on three fundamental axes which are social, cultural and economic. Socially, EAPES works for the development of its community by promoting technical progress from ideas and innovative creations. Culturally, we promote community values and riches to which it belongs and encourages cultural sharing with other communities. Economically, it encourages the progress of each citizen of his community in helping to identify business opportunities while developing a creative mind.

Harsh Bhatt

Regional Sales Manager, BASF

Harsh Bhatt is an innovator who works on some of the toughest challenges faced by us. As a Chemical Engineer, he has used his skills to help the Indian Automotive Industry cut emissions and helped some of the top consumer brands in India launch safer, more ergonomic and sustainable products. He is skilled in commercializing innovative technology in emerging markets. At present, he is working as a Regional Sales Manager – Chemical Intermediates at BASF in India where he is working with the Indian Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry to make safer and sustainable products in India. He is optimistic about the future of the world and believes that Chemistry and Interdisciplinary Sciences will help with solutions for Climate Change and other Grand Challenges faced by mankind

Hector Colon

Commercial Engineer @ FRISA / Founder & Director @ Motivation in Movement, FRISA / Motivation in Movement

Hector Colon studied Chemical Engineer with minor in Administration at Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM, Monterrey Campus). Hector has a certificate in Social Development Leadership by ITESM. At college he founded a university social service named “Motivation in Movement”; this program wants to solve one of the most important problems in Mexico: school dropouts among young people between 12 and 15 years old. At this time, Hector is working in professionalize this project and want to roll out it in all states in Mexico.

Hector is passionate about social impact, social entrepreneurship and social development topics. Also, he has a big commitment in develop educative models for young students. With this educative models, wants to help young students to search and discover their life passion and a sense of live from an early age.

Hector Colon has professional experience in business consulting (Deloitte Consulting) and actually performs a Commercial Engineer/Business Development position in a Mexican company named Frisa Forgings. Now he has a strong interest in studying an MBA in a fewer years and also to continue studying social impact and social business topics.

Hilah Shenhav

Product Strategist, Consultant

Ilana Lipsett

Director of Social Impact, Tidewater Capital

Ilana is passionate about building community in urban settings and providing space and tools for people to re-imagine their cities and their relationship to place through creative pop-up events, spaces, public art or performance. She co-founded [freespace], a nationally recognized initiative to transform vacant buildings into temporary cultural and community hubs. She is the Community Manager for the Hall, an interim use pre-development project in San Francisco, and is the Director of Social Impact for Tidewater Capital, the real estate investment company that owns the Hall. She is currently overseeing the development of a public art piece that has a large community engagement component as part of the process. She holds an MBA in sustainable management from the Presidio Graduate School.

Ionut Georgescu

Founder & CEO, Global Innovation Solution

Ionut Georgescu is a 40 years old entrepreneur form Romania, husband and father of 2 great kids (7 years old daughter and 11 years old son) with 20 years of experience in marketing, management, start up, environmental issues and digital technologies. Since 2016 he is in charge with United States development of our group of companies from Romania. We establish our office in Irvine, Orange County, California – Flat White Economy Investment USA LLC and he is implementing our projects in United States – & CLIMATE co working & incubator space & extended producer responsibility for packaging waste.

Iris Yee

Regional Network Manager, Burning Man Project

Living and traveling in over 16 countries has ignited Iris’ appreciation for diverse and ingenious ways of collaboration and creative self-expression. Trained as a sociologist, she brings her skills to Burning Man where she supports a global network of volunteers dedicated to nurturing civic activation projects and events that embody Burning Man’s ethos year-round in 35 countries. Born in Hong Kong, she grew up in New York and is based in San Francisco.

Janine Firpo

Deputy Director, Financial Services for the Poor, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Design philanthropic and impact investments to bring poor people out of poverty by including them in the formal economy. Janine has more than 35 years of experience in information technology with the last twenty focused on using information technology and business thinking to solve challenging social and development problems. On a personal level, Janine has been tracking the social entrepreneur and impact investing spheres for at least 15 years. She has made a commitment to move all of her personal investments into asset classes, funds, and private placements that align with her values. As such, she is a founding member of the Seattle Chapter of Toniic, a global action community for impact investors.

Jason Williams

Executive Director, Centric Indy

Marketer. Innovator. Connector. Jason Williams defies stereotypes. He is as comfortable doing yoga in the woods as he is a boardroom downtown. A graduate of Butler University, Jason spent more than 16 years in corporate marketing before joining Centric and launching SPYCOMPS, a business intelligence firm. He loves exploring, adult summer camp and connecting people to ideas.

Javier Cordero

Supply Chain Director, Constructora Grupo de ORO

With an Industrial and Systems Engineering background and over four years of experience in the Supply Chain Management, including Logistics, Procurement, Contract Negotiation, Strategy and General Management of the Area; Javier Cordero is currently Director of the Supply Chain Department of Grupo de ORO, one of the most influential and fast growing construction companies of the West-Central area in Mexico. He has been involved in leadership roles of different social impact initiatives ever since he was studying his major. Some of his accomplishments were kick starting a scholarship fund for guatemalan students with financial difficulties while serving as the President of the Guatemalan Student´s Council and proposing and executing the HAITI+Me campaign in 2010 to raise funds for the victims after the earthquake. He currently continues to serve his society through the Global Shapers Organization and has been recently admitted to the IE MBA in Madrid for next year.

Javier Kenigsberg

Account Strategist, Google

Javier is an Industrial Engineer by training although he works as a digital marketing consultant. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he currently lives in Mexico City. In his day to day role, he deals with some of Google’s largest direct customers to understand their business objectives and help them to achieve those goals in the most efficient way possible. Some of the largest customers he has dealt with are Mattel, HSBC and Volaris.

JD Van Alstyne

Ventures Coordinator, Nourish International

I’m not another college dude trained as a cockatoo, regurgitating information searching for approval used a fuel for expansive resource removal and the brutal treatment of the truthful people living in the fruitful regions of Earth, that makes me hurt.

I work to support and empower student leaders who run their own social enterprises across 50 universities in the US and Canada. My job is to help them increase their revenue generating capacity while fostering an understanding of the systemic causes of global poverty (and not reinforcing the capitalistic habits that have exploited communities across the globe).

Jenna Lee Prince

, Jenna Lee Prince

I am an artist, fitness instructor and maker of songs with a passion for movement, sweat, community and creativity. I created a team building workout called The Morning Energizer.

The Morning Energizer workout is a concept focused on team building experiences for corporate companies and start-ups. It’s also led as a community workout to bring friends closer together in San Francisco and beyond.

Being an artist and an “idea girl”, it is my goal to continue to enhance and transform The Morning Energizer that challenges the way our current understanding of the relationship between music and fitness.

As a singer/songwriter, I also saw an opportunity to create a new kind of music for the fitness world that could be carefully crafted and sync’d to each element of the workout. Music that was not only new, fresh and energizing, but also helped you connect with your inner being and put you into a “state of flow”.

I’m currently creating a new kind of workout that combines the energetic high of Soulcycle, the drill sergeant of Barry’s Bootcamp and the sex dance flavor of Tracy Anderson. Stay tuned folks!

Jeri Stein

Design Consulting & Sales, Jack London Kitchen & Bath Design

Jeri has been working in project management and sales in the custom home industry for 11 years while also doing projects to assist those the whose basic needs aren’t being met, who have suffered from a natural disaster, etc. Some of these projects included creating her own initiative to raise funds, individual and corporate, and obtain donations for the victims of the Bastrop Wildfires in Texas, joining an organization to raise funds for a grassroots organization in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, advocating for foster youth in the Bay Area, planning special events with CASA, etc. Jeri also spent a year living in Israel in order to submerse herself in a unique cultural experience. Jeri’s very interested in the diversity of people with respect to culture, traditions and challenges they face.

Joel Torres Díaz

CEO & Founder, Logra Coaching Center

Joel is now an Ontological Coach who wants to specialiced on Entrepreneur Coaching and Life Coaching… From a previous life, he has a solid background in Business Intelligence, Marketing, Banking, Technology and Computer Science, that’s why he is also a Consultant… Joel wants to pursuit his purpose that is to help people around the world achieve their goals by guiding them to build a better version of themselves through Coaching and Leadership… Joel has recently founded Logra Coaching Center based in Peru, where he is the CEO. Logra is a local organization with a global vision that guides people to discover and take full advantage of their potential, that leads them to a transcendental improvement in their being, in order to achieve their goals y purposes, and their fullness, personal fulfillment and happiness in their lives

John Nash

CFO, Cameron Hughes Wine

John Nash is a performing songwriter based in San Francisco and Bend, Oregon ( His music explores the relationship between force and flow, and he is dedicated to cultivating compassion and loving kindness in the world. He has a daily practice of ashtanga yoga and performs at classes and kirtans regularly. He is also a seasoned executive in higher education, tech, financial services and wine, with expertise in leading turnarounds and promoting sustainable and compassionate cultures in organizations.

Jonathan Diaz

Data Scientist (NGFP Fellow), National Nuclear Security Administration/ U.S. DOE

Jonathan Diaz is interested in the role of storytelling in data analytics, urban planning, and social impact. Currently, he serves as a Data Scientist (NGFP Fellow) at the U.S. Department of Energy and is an alumnus of the Rochester Institute of Technology and Tufts University. Based in Washington, DC he volunteers with organizations promoting innovation and creativity and access to higher education for local immigrant students. Diaz is a member of a poetry collective, is a Social Innovation Fellow at StartingBloc, and is a National Fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program.

Julio Martinez

Social Innovator Manager, Aporta – Grupo Breca

Innovation Project Manager at Aporta – Breca Group, co-founder of KUNAN and founder of ADD Aliados Del Desarrollo. He is passionate about the active role of the private sector in social impact. After finishing his Bachelor’s degree in business communications for development at University of Lima, he assumed a leading role at the Presidency of the Council Ministers coordinating the peacebuilding strategy with schools and the media. After this experience, Julio took a position as a Director of Social Innovation at Socios Perú, a NGO focus on social conflicts prevention around the mining activity. During his role in Socios Perú, Julio took a year off to embark in a new adventure called ADD Aliados Del Desarrollo, a consultancy company focused in social management. In 2014, as a member of the Global Shaper Community, Julio and a group of outstanding fellow shapers KUNAN an initiative aiming to strength young social entrepreneur’s ecosystem in Peru. In 2016, Julio accepted a position as Innovation Project Manager at Aporta, the social innovation laboratory of BRECA Group, in this role he coordinates the social impact vision of the third largest family group in Latin America.

Karen Floyd

CBO, IntraHouse as

I’m from Liverpool in the UK and I live on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria. I’m an entrepreneur, communications professional, linguist and shamanic practitioner. I run two international companies and several projects. I’m the founder director of a communications agency and the chief brand officer of a Norwegian software company. I travel a lot for work and pleasure between the US, Europe and Scandinavia. I help individuals and organisations, who I feel are doing some good in the world, to communicate more strategically and effectively in order to cement the credibility of their product or service and manage their brand and reputation. i write a lot. I like connecting people. I particularly love helping the corporate world become conscious.

Kathleen Paige Yu

Founder and CEO, Rumarocket Limited

Kathleen Yu likes to think of herself as a regular person. She is eternally curious about everything, from Legos to machine learning algorithms. She is an optimist who acts like a pessimist to seem like a pragmatic realist, but secretly hopes that things would turn out for the best. She likes to believe that there is good in everyone, even when people behave selfishly toward other people or do mean things. She is a young person at heart, and is always driven to explore boundaries because of her curiosity. She started a company because her thesis professor told her that her idea would not work. Three years later, she is running a profitable company. She believes that with enough drive and a healthy sense of realism, she can achieve anything she sets her mind to…including, perhaps-in her own little way-leave the world a bit of a better place than when she arrived.

Kelsey Wong

Community Captain & Culture Coachsultant, Delivering Happiness

Kelsey is passionately curious about people and culture. Her journey from launching and directing entrepreneurial hubs in downtown Phoenix to building community in downtown Las Vegas has led her to the diverse epicenter of San Francisco. With this conscious and creative city as her home base, Kelsey works for an international culture consultancy called Delivering Happiness. Based on the science of happiness and case studies from businesses around the world, Delivering Happiness’ methodology focuses on the simple formula: happy employees = happy customers = successful businesses + meaningful lives. Through experiential learning, interactive workshops, and trainings, Kelsey and the DH team help organizations redefine and redesign the way they work. When she’s not focusing on people and culture at work, you can find Kelsey experiencing people and culture through traveling, sketching, cycling San Francisco, exploring modern art museums, and diving into deep philosophical conversations.

Kristina Johansson

Dreamer, Dreaming

Kristina is originally Swedish, but grew up all over the world. She is an advocate, entrepreneur, and educator. She graduated from Middlebury College in 2014 in Sociology and Gender studies. She has been involved in student activism for economic, environmental, and gender justice. As a student at Columbia University, she co-founded a group that pressures universities to divest from the fossil fuel industry and re-invest in the green economy. She has been part of campaigns to fight sexual assault, and wrote her thesis on “rape culture on college campuses.” After graduating, she worked for Planned Parenthood in NYC, and completed an internship at the UN PeaceWomen Program. She spent the last year living an incredible adventure in Cuba, a country that she loves deeply. She plans to continue social justice work throughout her life, with a particular focus on creating consent culture. She is excited about exploring the intersection between social justice and social entrepreneurship.

Lara Jordan

Content, 500 Startups

Lara is a creative, innovative risk-taker who helps companies and brands achieve amazing things. Currently, a content manager at 500 Startups, she has nine years experience in media, marketing, and brand development, where she has successfully grown businesses in different corporate cultures across continents. Outside of work, Lara is a traveler, sailor, and spiritual seeker, who is passionate about personal development, building relationships and contributing. She holds a double degree in Sociology and Mass Communications from Washington and Lee University. She is a certified NLP and Reiki practitioner.

Leandro Szachtman

Founder & CEO, Koomper

Leandro is an Argentinian entrepreneur passionate in Advertising, Marketing and Technology. He is professor at the Universidad Del Salvador (Argentina) and he is developing 3 startups related to AdTech and Marketing.

Lucía Pérez Torres-Muñoz

Volunteer, Ashoka

Lucía is an international business graduate with a strong passion for social innovation. She recently joined Ashoka’s Global Talent Team in Washington DC, where she supports teams globally in the hiring spaces as well as in their learning and development journeys with Ashoka. Previously, she worked in the academic and social sectors in Europe and Latin America, focusing on social innovation education, entrepreneurship, and leadership development. She’s passionate about supporting others to flourish and realize their personal and professional dreams. Lucía holds a Master’s degree in International Management from King’s College London (UK), and a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Vesalius College (Belgium).

Luis Francisco Thais

Head of Project, UNDP

Luis Francisco Thais is a connector. He builds bridges among people, organizations, and ideas, and has focused most of his life’s work in trying to improve people´s well-being. Mr. Thais currently leads a UN project to prevent conflicts linked to the use of natural resources in Peru, where he is working with Government, Civil Society, Universities, the Extractive Sector and Indigenous Peoples in building an architecture for peace and development. Luis Francisco holds a passion for management, strategy and innovation. Lately he has been exploring new learning opportunities while working on a number of different projects and ideas. Mr. Thais holds a MA in Conflict Management and a Degree on Political Science.

Luke Pellegrini


Entrepreneur with strong business development and commercial marketing experience that has a strong social entrepreneurial background. Emerson College Graduate Valedictorian, Masters of Arts with a Bachelors of Science in Organizational Communications.

Lydia Ku

Experienced Assurance Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Lydia Ku is a CPA that provides auditing services for medium to large size semiconductor companies generating $2 billion in revenue. With her team, she inquires, test assumptions, and evaluate whether companies are reporting information that investors and others can rely on. They combine deep technical skills and sector experience to identify trends and customize solutions for their clients to address the challenges of a rapidly changing environment and strengthen their businesses.

Mairi Claire Bowser

Prop Buyer and Writer. MSc Environmental Management, Freelance

Mairi Claire is a buyer of props for Set Decoration in the British film industry, with credits including Maleficent, World War Z, Cloud Atlas, I Give It A Year, Mike Leigh’s Mr Turner, Pan, and most recently for Burberry’s Christmas Campaign, Oscar tipped ‘A United Kingdom’ and Warner Brother’s ‘Justice League’. Having working across the creative fields of material design in film; prop model making, costume assistance, art department assistance, and now as a buyer of material resources into the departments of Set Decoration and Props, Mairi Claire became aware of the vast quantities of material waste that the film industry generates. Sponsored by the Dutch People’s Postcode Lottery, Mairi Claire is currently undertaking a part time MSc in Environmental Management to gain an understanding of systems thinking, and to establish new routes of material redistribution across industries and sectors.

Manoj Patel

Sofware Engineer, Microsoft

Manoj works at Microsoft on Edge browser in the day. He is passionate about making the web faster and accessible to everyone. He ponders on how to increase the bandwidth of Brain-Computer interface so humans can do more in the 10,000 hours of productive life they have. In the evening, he builds little autonomous robots at home. He commutes to work on an electric skateboard he built. In the weekends he goes running with his dog and contributes to open source projects.

Manu Kodiyan

Founder/CEO, Althea Health

Manu is an entrepreneur and founder of Althea Health a startup whose goal is to make rare disease drug development cheaper and widespread. He became interested in healthcare because of a personal undiagnosed condition, his interest heightened when his niece was diagnosed with a life threatening rare disease.

95% of 7000 known rare diseases do not have an FDA approved drug. The pharma business model is largely incapable of creating drugs for rare diseases. Developments in technology and legislation open the possibility of a different model, like how Airbnb and Uber shook up established business models. Most of his waking hours are spent trying to make this new model a reality.

Manu is a devoted husband and dad to a 10 year old daughter. He loves nothing more than spending time with his family. He takes a lot of pleasure in being a tennis coach to his daughter!

Margarita Briceño Malaga

Co founder, Proa

Margarita is an entrepreneur, community organizer and social innovator. Cofounder of Proa the first Peruvian network that connects people who want to volunteer, with social organizations that need help and Founder of Ande Bar a healthy snack startup that whants to revaluate peruvian crops. She is working also as Social Solutions Coordinator of Grupo Estrategia, a consultant group that develop social responsibility programs. Always looking to expand the social innovation community in Peru, organizing the OpenIDEO Lima Chapter and as a mentor of “Niña Valiente”, a social entrepreneurship that empower girls from public schools to look for better opportunities and stay in school.

Margarita Fakih Name

Founder, Vuelo Shop

I am a social entrepreneur currently developing a foundation for women empowerment that aims to become self-sustainable. At the same time, the foundation is invested in helping Colombian artisans become visible in local and global markets. We work closely to generate products that are not only eco-friendly but that also use traditions and techniques that evoke unique designs. I am also a passionate traveler (being in over 45+ countries), poetry writer, a book junkie, a foodie, an environmentalist, an animalist, a fitness addict, a global citizen, and an innate curious soul. In my spare time, I am invested in developing nutritional food products.

Margarita Valdes

National Coordinator, Debate, Diálogo, Democracia

Margarita Valdés is a youth activist from El Salvador. Currently she runs an internet-based youth initiative called Xpressate, which promotes freedom of expression in the Central American region. She is also the National Coordinator for Debate Dialogue Democracy -3D-, a project which uses dialogue and debate as tools to strengthen democracy, encourage youth citizen participation, and prevent and/or resolve conflict in post authoritarian societies experiencing democratic transitions. During June 17th 2013 through September 13th 2013, Margarita was the first female Latin American Hurford Fellow. During her fellowship, she focused on different ways to strengthen civil society participation through anti-corruption initiatives. She focused on successful good practices around the world in order to elaborate a small online tool kit for those wishing to begin fighting corruption. She also carried out several online discussion forums with youth activists and young jornalists around the world who are already making an impact in their immediate surroundings.

Maria Haber

Founder, Boutique de Detalhes

Who am I? I am better than my English language skills. I am someone that has been known as Maria for 37 years . Before coming to the US from a big city, São Paulo- Brazil I grew up in the fresh air and free atmosphere of the countryside where I could lived a free, inquisitive and experimental childhood . I am happy and interested in : knowing people, learning about how relationships matters to others and how happy people are when they celebrate unique moments. I am someone that looks at life like a lemon tree . Lemons are sour but if you so wish; you can make a sweet delicious and refreshing lemonade out of this yellow tasty fruit. Unquestionably, I am the fresh side of the tarty lemon. I am someone who believes that I can help make people’s dreams come alive and help then to have faith and belief in their selves. I am someone that seeks to inspire people to celebrate the meaningful moments of life . This is a little bit about me, the rest is self-explanatory.

Maria Oliveira Tamellini

Founder and CEO, Praxis Socioambiental

Maria is founder and CEO of Práxis Socioambiental, a social enterprise and a B Corp certified company that supports private companies, NGO’s and local governments with purpose-driven initiatives and operational execution towards sustainability. She has over 12 years experience leading projects that improve income, education, health and environment by empowering local farmers, natives, women and youth communities that face social challenges in Brazil. Maria is also alumni of 10.000 Women Program (Goldman Sachs Foundation) and Ambassador of Women Entrepreneur Network of Brazil in Silicon Valley (60.000+ members. She has International certification in social business (Yunus Methodology), Degree in Environmental Technology Management, MBA in Sustainability Management and Specialization in Environmental Education.

Mariem Khemir

Student, Technical University of Munich

Mariem Khemir, 23 years old, was born and raised in Tunisia then moved to Germany after high school to study electrical engineering and information technology. She is an enthusiastic engineering student eager to apply her theoretical knowledge through projects and to employ it in an entrepreneurial culture balanced between risk and procedural controls. Mariem is pursuing international perspectives in order to visualize engineering problems in a global context. Thus far, she has been able to tour innovation centers and manufacturing facilities in Tunisia, Germany, Thailand, and Japan. In parallel to her master, Mariem is now working in a consulting firm where she is learning much about different types of industries and business challenges through their variety of casework. Mariem is also developing her own startup and wants to be a mission-driven leader who is committed to creating a better world to live in and solving humanity’s greatest challenges.

Martin Putallaz

Agency Account Manager, Google

Martin Putallaz is an Argentinian-born living in Mexico City for the past year. He works as an Agency Account Manager for Google, working with the Big 6 Agencies in Mexico to help them grow their online businesses and succeed with Google. He graduated from the Torcuato di Tella University in 2014, where he studied Business Economics. He is 24 and is passionate about Entrepreneurship, Coaching Businesses in Digital Marketing, Marketing practice and E-commerce.

Max Jean-Louis

Deputy Executive Director, Little Brothers and Little Sisters of the Incarnation

Max Jean-Louis is a social innovator with more than 10 years of experience in the community development sector. He is the Deputy Executive Director of the Little Brothers and Little Sisters of the Incarnation, a non-profit organization, founded in Haiti in 1976, by Brother Francklin Armand, which develops projects and makes activities to improve the living conditions of the Haitian people.

He is also the Founder and the President of Espace de Concertation – Comité Permanent du Prix d’Excellence Suzannaise, which tackles some of the biggest challenges in the North of Haiti like education, social inclusion and environmental issues.

Previously, from 2010 to 2015, Max was a member of the Board of Directors for the Centre de la Francophonie des Amériques, in Québec, Canada. Also, from 2011 to 2012, he was the President of Mouvement Amérique Française, in Paris, France.

Megan ORorke

Data Scientist, MLAI

Megan is hired by startups and enterprises to build products that help people. She studied neuroscience, design, and programming. She has shipped to over 60 million people and launched startup and enterprise products at SXSW. Megan has been a teacher of and contributor to GA’s design curriculum, now taught worldwide.

Imagine a world where everyone gets education, financial freedom and health. As an entrepreneur, that’s what Megan is out to create. Recently she’s taken up teaching machines to learn and herself to cook. When she’s not traveling you can find her in the ocean or on her bike.

Michelle Koert

CEO, P Corp

Michelle Koert is the CEO of P Corp, which is the most advanced lifestyle program on the planet, curating experiences that help people connect, play, grow, and love more deeply. Our mission is to create world peace one person at a time. Our goals are to reduce personal debt to reduce global poverty, reduce personal depression to reduce the global suicide rate, reduce obesity to improve world health, reduce domestic violence to reduce world wards, and to reduce homelessness to reduce world hunger, and we plan on doing this through a personal Board of Directors program + Gamification.

Michelle grew up in Canada, however, now resides in San Francisco. Her career has primarily been in High Tech for 22 years, working for IBM for 14 of those. Michelle also owns a global concierge company, and is a Big Sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Mike Sherbakov

Founder, The Greatness Foundation

Mike Sherbakov is the founder of The Greatness Foundation with the mission to positively impact one billion lives. A resource and community for game-changers, The Greatness Foundation supports individuals to be more, do more, and give more. Mike holds degrees in kinesiology and psychology, as well as advanced certifications in fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and yoga. Mike has worked with thousands of clients in a variety of settings. Collaborating with companies like Qualcomm, Fitbit, Equinox and lululemon athletica, Mike is established as an expert and leader in the community and passionately pursues philanthropic efforts in different areas around the world.

Mohamed Ben Tarfaoui

Student, Technical University of Munich

Years ago in his homeland, Mohamed used to be a private person, an introvert, unable to express his opinions openly, avoiding sardonic remarks and taunts like the plague. Times changed and he became an international Informatics student, curious to discover new horizons and perspectives. He learned how to enjoy life, attending melodious concerts in the state opera, grilling and partying with friends, or travelling around Europe to discover new castles, new museums, and new histories. Beginning his professional journey as intern and then working student in Germany’s best IT-Companies, he now dreams about building a strong international network, able to provide him with help and support, in order to found his own start-up, and encourage the IT outsourcing of multinationals in Tunisia.

Mona Bijjani

Co-Founder and CEO, Minds in Motion

Mona Bijjani is an entrepreneur and life coach based in Singapore. She is passionate about helping others to thrive and succeed, hence the birth of her life skills coaching and training consultancy Minds in Motion, based in Singapore – Minds in Motion has 3 purposes: to deepen self-awareness in individuals, to have people live emotionally healthier lives, and to build a community of motivated partners. Previous to this, she held a position at Microsoft Middle East and Africa HQ in Dubai for a few years. She choose to take the leap of faith, quitting her corporate career and took it upon herself to find a way to contribute positively to the world. Since then she has realized she is a customer-centric entrepreneur and design thinker at heart. Mona is a passionate individual with an endlessly curious mindset, who believes that a few people can make a big difference in how we live. With an educational background in Design, Mona holds a Masters from Kingston University London in communications as well as an MIT New Venture Leadership certificate. She is currently writing a book – due to be out mid 2017. Mona is also a traveler at heart, having been an expat in 6 countries across 3 continents by the age of 27, and visited nearly 50 countries – discovering new places is second nature to her and still completely fascinates her. She is also passionate about entrepreneurship and food.

Montserrat Vega

Biotechnologist /Social Entrepreneur, Social Enterprise

Montserrat studied Biotechnology, obtaining the Academic Medal of the Chemistry Faculty at UAQ, 2014, and graduated from the MSc. in Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology, at the University of Sussex UK, in 2016. This young scientist has participated in various research projects in Mexico, Spain and Canada. Montserrat, as Nelson Mandela, is convinced that Education is crucial to solve many of the global problems. We all have the opportunity of sharing our learning, inspire and motivate others towards a constant seek of personal and professional growing, but caring about this world as much as our own. Therefore, as social entrepreneur is consolidating an innovative project to promote academic, cultural and social development of children studying basic education, empowering them to solve problems and overcome the external hurdles caused by their living conditions. This approach also targets important social issues such as bullying, discrimination, gender equality and foster science divulgation.

Nathalie Callahan

Founder/Executive Director, Vedanta Institute Los Angeles

Nathalie Callahan is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit organization, Vedanta Institute Los Angeles. Vedanta means the culmination of knowledge. It is the ancient Indian Philosophy which answers life’s fundamental questions. VILA’s mission is to empower and support all people to realize themselves as the architect of their own life. VILA offers a wide variety education programs in high schools, universities, businesses, and the public at large which promote self-reflection, the development of critical thinking, enhanced empathy with others, and self-sufficiency.

After completing a BA in Film and Electronic Arts at Bard College, Nathalie moved to India to study Vedanta Philosophy under world-renowned Philosopher and Author, A. Parthasarathy. Nathalie completed 5 years of full time study and research under Parthasarathy’s guidance the at The Vedanta Academy in India. Nathalie and her husband moved to Los Angeles in 2014 and founded Vedanta Institute LA in 2015.

Nathalie is also working toward a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Emperor’s College.

Nathan Lubeck

Owner / Principal, Iconoclash

Nathan is a consultant focusing on digital strategy, mobile applications, responsive web design, and VR. His client base comes from non-profits, education and the arts: The Center to Prevent Youth Violence, Emerson University, Banksy, KCRW, LA Tourism Board, Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission, Venice Chamber of Commerce, AGFA Corporation. His work earned him a 2015 Webby and he serves as an executive member of the IADAS panel of judges (2016). Previously, as Director of Digital at KCRW, he lead digital strategy for the organization, spearheaded new projects and oversaw creative and technical direction, online content creation including streaming video from live events, and lead an in-house team of video producers, full-stack engineers, interactive designers, and digital marketing managers. His work there has been recognized by The International Academy of Visual Arts, The Los Angeles Press Club, Wired Magazine, Thrillist, Buzzfeed, Gizmodo, and the Webbys. Recently, his VR project “KCRW Virtual Reality” launched in 2016. Nathan has a keen interest in global affairs and can be found traveling various parts of the planet solo (30 countries and counting) and finding creative and development talent to collaborate with around the world. He has worked with teams he met in Manila, Tokyo, Bucharest, and South America. A native Angeleno, Nathan attended LA County High School for the Arts, and went on to receive his bachelors from UCLA with honors.

Natra Zeryihun

Founder, 30xTHIRTY

Towards the end of my last year in college, an Aunt came over to visit and insisted on taking me with her on a trip back home to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – a country that my parents fled during the height of the 1991 civil war. The trip was so transformative that after returning, I started a company called Real Spice that secured shelf space in 4 San Francisco specialty food stores. Sourcing our ingredients directly from the mother land, I felt like I was finally giving back to my country. Eventually though, I lost passion for the company and began another venture called 30xTHIRTY: a travel community for young people aspiring to see 30 countries by 30. Again, I’m at an impasse and trying to figure out how to bridge my passion for social justice with my entrepreneurial interests. Somewhere between 30xTHIRTY and Real Spice is where I believe my purpose lies; I love travel and entrepreneurship, and my dream is to give back to underprivileged communities.

Nicholas Gonzales

Legal Intern, Lazarus, Silvyn & Bangs, P.C.

Nicholas Gonzales is a second year law student currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona. Originally from Santa Barbara, California, Nicholas has a diverse academic and professional background in community and military planning; land use / zoning law; architectural and industrial design; and humanitarian non-profit work. After completing his first year of law school in San Francisco, Nicholas has transferred and plans on beginning his legal career in Phoenix where he’s established a significant presence in the local cannabis law community; recently founding the Arizona Summit Cannabis Law Society. In his spare time, he enjoys connecting with nature through surfing, hiking, camping, etc. and playing music, all with his 7-year-old son, Nicholas, Jr., by his side. Nicholas aspires to eventually find a career in politics after law school, hoping to positively affect U.S. and international policy.

Ozan Sonmez

Managing Director, T-Jump

Ozan Sonmez is a devil’s advocate and a change maker. He is a jack of all trades and a big shoulder to cry on for startups. he had been in middle east for 3 years for the worlds most well funded science and technology university trying convince faculty that there is a greater impact possible. He was briefly an impact investor, a cpa and a academic business development guy. He is a father to a 7 year old daughter. he is trying to relocate to san francisco to help emerging market startups.

Patricia de Villa

Founder & Managing Director, PaySwitch Fintech Ventures

Patricia de Villa is the Founder & Managing Director of PaySwitch, one of the leading FinTech startups in the Philippines. Prior to becoming a tech entrepreneur, she was most recently employed at IDT Telecom Asia Pacific Ltd. in Hong Kong where she witnessed the plight of many migrant workers who were employed as domestic helpers. Returning to the Philippines in 2010, she began developing a business model that would provide migrant worker beneficiaries access to essential digital financial services and an alternative economic opportunity that would hopefully make them less dependent on migrant workers. In 2012, her startup was incubated by a publicly listed retail software technology company and in 2014, received seed funding from one of the top 500 corporations in the Philippines. Patricia enjoys spending time in her home on a hill and going on cross country adventures with family.

Patricia Palten

MD, Spital / Switzerland

Patricia Palten is passionate about transforming the world. She is a Medical Doctor and a professional Sculptor as well as an engineer (architecture) and a Public Health Specialist and she is curious! She enjoys system thinking as well as design thinking and does not like to limit herself. With a background in science and the arts she would love to work together with inspired and energetic people who want to share their ideas on social entrepreneurship. Patricia is highly enthusiastic about solving the greatest problems society is currently facing. She is looking forward to meeting a diverse group of people who want their dreams to become true.

Rachel Miller

Vagabond Urbanist, Self

I am a non-traditional professional that covers a broad spectrum. I’m an urban planner with an MBA that holds a passion for building resilient communities through inclusive economic development strategies.

Beyond that, I have started a female empowerment group aimed at building female dominant conversation and spaces. This is a space to encourage community, self-love, and fighting impostor syndrome.

I am a creative. I spend a lot of time writing and creating. I funnel my energy into meditative drawing, observational writing, and commentary on current conditions.

Raman Frey

Founder, Good People

Raman is founder of Good People, a San Francisco based community that fosters trust and friendship through food, drink and conversation. Over one hundred dinners, overnights and retreats have occurred at private homes and other venues in the Bay Area and Nevada, with professional chefs and speakers on a wide range of topics. Good People’s HQ is now the HERE Collective, in San Francisco’s Mission District. HERE supports a community of co-working entrepreneurs committed to living authentic blended lives and hosts Good People Dinners, technology, civic and other private events.

Raman writes frequently on Medium and more recently at the Harvard Business Review.

He recently served as VP of Business Development at Cronos CCS, VP of Customer Engagement at Artkick, business development lead at Gershoni Creative and was co-founder of Frey Norris Gallery, a “micro-multinational” contemporary art business.

Read his essays at

Rebecca Thieneman

Health Coach Management, Omada Health

Rebecca is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and engaging leader who has been offering customized health coaching and education for the past decade. She has partnered with individuals, communities, startups, and corporations to share her expertise in wellness and nutrition that is fused with mindfulness practices, health behavior, and habit design. Learn more about Rebecca at

Sandro Rayhansyah

Personal Development Coach, Tanpabatas

Imagine a bearded guy who wears Rolling Stones T-shirt and blue jeans, whose eyes are always lit when it comes to a deep conversation about personal growth. Sandro is the sole-proprietor of his own coaching business, Tanpabatas. It means “Limitless” in Bahasa Indonesia. Sandro specializes in coaching ambitious millennials/young-adults under 35 in achieving the impossible in life and career/business. In just a year, Sandro has coached hundreds of young achievers, from director of a non-profit organization, VP in a conglomerate company, entrepreneurs who run food to fashion business, and social entrepreneurs who aspire to help farmers or end hungers in their city. He has travelled to over 15 countries because of his work, facilitating & coaching people & organisations to achieve the impossible across Asia. Before founding Tanpabatas, he served as a Country Director of AIESEC in Indonesia that made he fell in love with personal development industry.

Sergey Sochnev

CEO, Phoenix Education LLC

Sergey is CEO of Phoenix Education, where mathematics & scientific approach collides with business & entrepreneurship. Sergey started his career as a mathematician ending up with a bronze medal on international maths olympiad. Later he switched to business and worked 1.5 years for Microsoft as a business developer. Inspired by company’s mission to “help other people realize their full potential” he finally realized that he should dedicate his life for Education. Modern education usually emphasize that we should teach students skills rather than pure knowledge. Phoenix Education goes even further and states that developing different types of thinking is even more important. Logical, systematic, creative, abstract and critical thinking + empathy form a basis for almost all skills: marketing, sales, public speaking, research, development etc. New educational technologies are developed at Phoenix Education and are implemented into schools, universities and business.

Shahid Farooq


i am business graduate and having about 15 years of experience in the filed sales & distribution, retailing, wholesales as well running cellular company franchises. I worked wth Shell Oil (in training and development) and thenTOTAL Oil (In supply chain management) from 1999 till 2005. At current i am an entrepreneur and having 2 established business i.e Smart CARE which a model health care store in the city; and i am business partner to China Mobile (ZONG in Pak) and i own two category “A” franchises for my city. I am CEO / Founder of these businesses and i look after 3-teams of 85-staff who work under 4 Managers and they report to me.

I am a person of outgoing nature who loves sports, socialising and feel happy with open minded people. I am a good golfer as well a very good ducks hunter.

Sophie Tianying Li

Graduate Student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Sophie Li is a traveler in heart, humanity seeker and change maker. Currently I reside in Illinois to finish at some graduate school work at the University of Illinois. My expertise is in accounting and finance field, and yet creativity in art and music always gives me bundle of joy.

Thao Pham

Grad Student, Hult International Business School

Thao is currently a grad student at Hult International Business school in San Francisco. She just moved to the city from Vietnam 03 months ago. Thao previously a Event Sales Manager and mainly worked in tourism and hospitality. Throughout the year, Thao has found her passion in connecting people through travel and influence young people to get out there, explore the world and follow their dreams. Along with grad school, Thao is working on few projects related to her field. She represents travel agencies in Vietnam to promote South East Asia as the new destination, and also partner up with few other colleagues for a sustainability start-up.

Victor Felipe

General Manager, VF Consulting SAC

Victor Felipe is a peruvian enterprenaur who stablished his own technology services company four years ago with his first customer Nextel Chile and now give solutions to Entel Peru and WOM Chile. Victor has twenty years of experience and he has worked in different companies implementing systems for telecom companies at Argentina, Chile and Peru. He is a dreamer and believe the technology and internet is the way to give opportunities to many people around the world.

Wassim Boubaker

Co-founder, Tun’up Munich

I’m a mathematics student at the technical university of Munich. Scientifically, I’m very driven by statistics and Data Science. Outside university, it’s anything that helps grow communities and make people’s lifes better that I’m fond of. In our current organization, Tun’Up, our main focus is to support and innovate the educational system in Tunisia, with priority to the rural and sadly neglected regions. Our dream, and mine, is to help make Tunisia, Africa and hopefully the whole world a better place. A place where children dream as big as they should, with no constraints, where kids dare to act and go for whatever they wish for and wherever they see themselves.

Wendy Meruvia

Co-Founder and Director, Ciudad Mundo (World City) Foundation

Wendy Meruvia is Co-founder and Director of Ciudad Mundo (World City) Foundation, a social entrepreneurship that aims to promote the comprehensive development of young people through accessible programs and projects that combine international travel opportunities with personal and professional growth for low income students. The intent is that Bolivians will have better academic and job opportunities by building skilled and sensitive leaders at the service of their communities, while these life changing experiences bridge the gap between school life and work life.

William Adamowski

President, Startup Factory

My name is Bill Adamowski and I am President of the Startup Factory. The Startup Factory is a more than just a startup accelerator, it is a place where entrepreneurial passions can thrive. From our innovative 52 week program to our own methodology combining investor pitches with storytelling, this program is unique. I am a serial entrepreneur by background, having founded over 10 startups in my career. I took one from 0 to $40-million in revenue with a successful exit via strategic sale. In another startup I raised money from one of the largest VCs in NEA and took that company from 0 to $200-million in revenue. I was also fortunate enough to drive a successful IPO at Ellie Mae, which trades on the NYSE ($3-billion market cap). Prior to my entrepreneurial career, I was CIO at GMAC Financial Services, CTO at Wells Fargo, and Management Consultant at Deloitte Consulting.

Zanette Johnson, PhD

Principal Consultant and Founder, Intrinsic Impact Consulting, LLC

Zanette Johnson, PhD is a change management consultant, experience designer and social scientist. She is founder of Intrinsic Impact Consulting, a firm based in San Francisco that uses a research-based system to reshape organizations that is rooted in the learning sciences, along with wisdom from indigenous knowledge systems. Teams working with Zanette reach their goals by changing their individual, interpersonal and institutional norms, making it possible for them to solve problems creatively and effectively—and to get the results they care about. Dr. Johnson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Religious Studies, a Master’s in Teaching, and a doctoral degree from Stanford University’s transdisciplinary “Learning Science and Technology Design” program.

Zuby Onwuta

Founder / CEO, ThinkAndZoom

Zuby Onwuta is a Disability Advocate, Global Speaker, and Founder/CEO of

Hardships from losing his medical, military and engineering careers due to

visual impairment, inspired him to invent “ThinkAndZoom”, a revolutionary new wearable technology that will help millions of people like him world wide to see better.

His work experience include software engineering roles at

Alcatel-Lucent, Goldman Sachs & Co and IBM.

He holds a B.Sc in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois, Chicago.

More about him is available on

and you can connect with him via,