Hive Global Leaders Program October 2016

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Alejandra Laiton Galan

Communications Consultant, RUBICA Consultores

I am Colombian, 34 years old, happy, passionate and extrovert. I am a communications consultant with more than 10 years of experience in Latin America and Europe. I specialize in supporting organizations and companies in creating and implementing their digital communications and marketing strategies. I love photography, video making and organizing events. I am also very interested in solving pressing social issues where I can contribute from my professional background. I am back in Colombia after 8 years abroad trying to adapt to my current reality and finding a middle point between my passions and
my skills.

Anamaria Ghenciu

Scrum Master / Agile Coach, [e-spres-oh]

Ana Ghenciu is a person who puts passion in everything she does. She believes that ordinary things like sunsets, watching a flock of birds dancing in the sky, the smell of recently cut grass, or the taste of hot coffee in the morning, are enough reasons to be grateful for that day.
She loves people and makes everything she can to bring joy into their lives. Even the smallest thing matters to her and therefore she always tries to put herself into the person’s shoes before saying something.

She is a joyful human being who enjoys very much every experience and always sees the bright side in every situation. This personality trait has helped her on evolving on her role as a Scrum Master / Agile Couch.

She is as an incredibly happy servant to humanity who’s very grateful for living on this planet and for all the experiences she had.

Andrew Sloan

Consultant, Self-Employed

Andrew Sloan is an all-round consultant. He has a background in finance, and experience working on all kinds of projects, from small improvement initiatives to transformative organizational changes across continents.
He is a skilled communicator and can help out with writing & content creation, project management, facilitating workshops and event coordination. Andrew is based in Colombia but also works for clients in Europe and the U.S.
Beyond consulting, Andrew sometimes teaches Business English and volunteers fortnightly at a rural primary school gardening club.

Anna Staritsina

Chief Empowerment Officer, The Opportunity Lab

Anna Staritsina champions meaningful change. At The Opportunity Lab, she concentrates on guiding clients through strategy design in support of their organizations’ social missions. Internally, Anna oversees financial, planning and resource management to maximize and strengthen capacity. Previously, she enjoyed a well-rounded career in financial services ranging from technical roles to strategic program management. Anna has a track record of translating vision into implementable deliverables, improving institutional effectiveness and sustainability, while increasing the overall impact of the organization.
Resourceful and meticulous, Anna combines her passion for transformational leadership with focus on the bottom line to deliver robust systems that inspire social impact.
Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Anna holds a B.S. in Accounting from Hunter College and an M.B.A. in Finance, Leadership and Change Management from New York University’s Stern School of Business. Outside of work, Anna actively contributes to local economic empowerment programs and spends time with her husband and young daughters.

Audrey Gordon

Co-Creator, I Am Audrey Gordon

Through business partnerships, extraordinary environments and transcendent events, Audrey offers the opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone and engage with powerful concepts beyond what our limited minds can imagine. It is her soul’s purpose and her absolute passion to help you integrate your personal truth into your life, bringing a greater sense of grace and ease to your reality. As a concierge and curator, Audrey makes sure she is at the forefront of the mind/body/spirit industry so she may offer people the most relevant options available for self inquiry and healing. While all these growth processes
are essential to our personal wellbeing, her larger vision is one in which this deep level of awareness and wholeness leads to a more peaceful and loving state of affairs, both locally and globally.

Avonelle Wing

Sr. Vice President, Double Exposure, Inc.

Avonelle Wing is a student and practitioner of intersectional feminism, challenging the analog gaming industry to embrace diversity as a core, necessary value. Avonelle has spent the last 19 years observing gaming as an underexamined, underappreciated media and gaming conventions as an underutilized vehicle for shaping communities that are healthy, functional, and multi-cultural. She is determined to encourage and educate publishers, designers, and consumers of analog games on the tremendous cultural value of this media, and the importance of diversity within it. She and the team she co-directs at Double Exposure, Inc. organize conventions, provide business and marketing guidance to game publishers, and support a creative, thoughtful, and intelligent community of gamers.

Azizi Dotson

Sales Account Coordinator, Comcast

Growing up on the West coast (in both Seattle and the Bay Area) and from a biracial family Azizi has always been interested in how communities function, adapt and thrive. Her passion to help people and talent for winning arguments led her to pursue a bachelors degree in Political Science from CSU East Bay. Realizing so after that she wanted a more “feet on the ground” role in the community led her to volunteering with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and E-Soccer; as well as working as a program manager for Spark Program. Azizi is passionate about people and excited to join a community of conscious thinkers who are committed to making change.

Bear Kittay


Bear is a natural storyteller in song, accompanying his sweet bluesy voice with guitar, sitar, bouzouki, and charango, often tuned in his own innovative tunings. He has studied and played music in venues throughout the world, from clubs in Buenos Aires, Bolivia and Mexico City to the Buddhist monasteries of Ladakh in the Himalayas and evangelical churches in the rural Midwest. Wired magazine editor Steve Silberman calls Bear’s music “an appealingly fresh synthesis of bluegrass and new-school folk, jazz sensibility, and world-music influences drawn from India and the Andes. Bear’s incisive and warmly humane lyrics articulate the hopes, humor, and perspectives of his generation.”

Benjamin Lopez Berrios


Founder and CEO of OOQIA IT Outsourcing service provider leader in Nicaragua. From Managua, Nicaragua passionate connecting talented software developer teams with companies and entrepreneurs creating new and disruptive technology experiences.

Under his leadership, OOQIA emerged as a key technology services company in Central America. His passion for promoting applied research and innovation continues to transform OOQIA making it globally competitive.

Recognized strategic leadership skills and extensive experience in launching, leading and managing global teams in high-tech industries.

Bernard Schembri

Founder, Webgenix

Bernard created his first online venture at age 13 and has been running a successful tech/e-commerce company for the past 17 years. Bernard grew up in Malta, a tiny island country in the Mediterranean Sea, and spends a lot of his time living in different cities looking for inspiration and exploring ways how he could create a bigger impact in the world. Bernard is interested in how technology brings people together, builds bridges across cultures, and enables low-barriers of entry to entrepreneurship.

Bobby Battista


Brad Nye

Founder/CEO, WeVu

Brad Nye is a seasoned entrepreneur and currently the Founder/CEO of WeVu, an online platform that enables the creation and promotion of media/film viewing parties as a tool for community building. As a lifetime producer, Nye has produced over 700 networking and informational events, including 100+ film screenings and discussions. As a proven community builder, Nye has founded and operated three successful organizations: VIC, a 3,000+ member technology trade association in Southern California; Artsfest, which advanced the arts by curating over one hundred events annually in multiple locations across the San Francisco Bay Area; and Red
Lightning, a Burning Man theme camp promoting transformation and launched in 2009. As a marketing professional, Nye spent fifteen years in entertainment industry related marketing, promotion, licensing and merchandising, including management roles at Twentieth Century Fox and Universal Pictures. Nye is a graduate of UC Berkeley.

Brenda Mathisen

CEO, Achieve Vitality LLC

Brenda Rose Mathisen is a thought leader devoted to creating an empowered world. That means that we as people, the way we relate, build businesses and global structures, and treat our planet and the greater world beyond are fully joyful, deeply meaningful, and sustainable for generations to come. Brenda Rose has studied the empowerment of people, communities, and business for the last 12 years. Areas of study include bodywork, exercise physiology, life coaching, NLP, numerous forms of energy healing and transformation tools, spirituality, intentional community, business strategy, executive management, music, dance, and how all these aspects of life interconnect as the thing we call the one consciousness.

Brendan Barbato

Founder and CEO, Shelfie, Inc.

Brendan Barbato is the Founder and CEO of Shelfie, an organization that creates fundraising photo campaigns for nonprofits. He is a senior at Babson College and lives in eTower – an entrepreneurial community of 21 founders. Also, he serves on the Board of Directors of a nonprofit called Helping Hearts, and is on the Board of Advisers of an IoT startup.

In his spare time he can be found adventuring, collecting old and foreign currency, doing medical research (he is a Type 1 Diabetic), and pursuing his lifelong quest for knowledge.

Carmine Di Maro

Product Manager, Rocket Fiber

Carmine Di Maro is a wildly ambitious 22-year old who has dedicated the remainder of his life to identifying and solving our most pressing problems. He loves collaborating with brilliant and creative individuals that believe in the potential of technology to advance humanity forward by leaps and bounds. Today, he is leading product development efforts at Rocket Fiber, a fiber-to-the-home internet provider in Detroit. His goal is to work with the best people to launch a slew of businesses in various industries over the coming years with a focus on ventures that: expand people’s creativity, address major global
challenges (climate change, population growth), advance wireless charging tech, or develop emerging economies in positive ways.

Chloé Suberville

Student, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Chloé is currently pursuing her Masters in International Education Policy at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. After finishing her undergrad at McGill University, Chloé moved to South Carolina to teach Spanish in the state’s biggest Title I High School. During her two year commitment with Teach for America, Chloé organized a trip to Spain with her students, who had never left the state of South Carolina, but most importantly, who understood the importance of local actions and global connections. As a teacher, Chloé understood the importance of interpersonal and interpersonal skills for
students, particularly those in complex and tense circumstances. The grave social conflict that African-American students are faced to in all parts of the country, pushed Chloé to think about the implications of perfecting a curriculum based on Peace Education and 21st Century Skills in schools around the world, to promote emotional intelligence, empathy, and connections around the world.

Christopher Pitcher

CEO, The Sights and Sounds Media House

Christopher Pitcher is the leader of a creative production agency whose mission is to empower the people, businesses, and brands that are making an impact and solving real issues that are plaguing our world. Using cohesive branding, intelligent design, and immersive media as the wrapper to show that doing good is good for the world and for business.

David Casey

Chief Visionary Officer, NuMundo

David has spent much of the past five years in Central America organizing cultural events, retreats, and ecovillage design courses. He also spent considerable time managing volunteers at a farm and worked with an indigenous artisan cooperative in Guatemala. His experience and BA in Political Economy of Industrial Societies and Global Poverty & Practice from UC Berkeley are a pivotal foundation to the inspiration of NuMundo, a transformational travel platform he founded. David also co-founded the Cosmic Convergence Festival, a 4-day international event in Guatemala celebrating Mayan and international culture.

Derek Lundsten

CEO, Scrimmage

Derek leads a mobile software company focused on addressing personalized education for corporate learners as well as students of all kinds. He is an active entrepreneur in the fields of healthcare and technology, and shows strengths in leadership and connecting the dots between people and opportunities. Derek is an active learner, and seeks to build relationships with other big dreamers in business.

Dillon Lanius

Managing Member, Restituo Investment Advisors

Dillon Lanius has worked around the world in impoverished, emerging and OECD economies to create market solutions for climate, conservation and human development problems. He serves as an advocate, consultant, operator, philanthropist and investor.

Elana Jaroff

Founder, Meta Method

My names Elana and I am a dance catalyst. I work with people who feel stagnant in their body and lives and want to connect deeper with themselves. Through The META Method, a physical technique practice, one cultivates the tools to alleviate stress to learns to be with themselves. In its essence, its a method to bring us back to nature. I teach workshops, retreats and online courses for individuals, companies and festivals worldwide. I am continuously inspired by the power, passion and love that’s stored in the body and the amazing people who are ready to get wild! My mission is to support peoples discovery of self love and dance by being a leader of the unknown future.

Elijah Lenhart

Superconductor, Band of Light

Emma Vites

Founder, Apprentice Project

Emma Vites has been working for LinkedIn for the last 3 years in both London and San Francisco in Global Sales. Prior to LinkedIn Emma ran Graduate recruitment companies in both Australia and the UK.

Emma’s passion for coaching and training young people led her to founding a company called ‘The Apprentice Project’, which exists today as an education resource to provide them with all the skills they need to succeed. ‘The Apprentice Project’ was the UK’s first Coaching, placement and Sales training company utilizing the powerful tools of NLP, IMA, Coaching and DISC to empower businesses to grow and to help young people transform their lives. Emma specialized in placing graduates into Sales jobs with the UK’s most entrepreneurial companies and then coached and trained them on how to succeed in their roles. Emma partnered with The entrepreneurs’ business academy, set up by Bev James and James Caan (From TV’s Dragon’s den) to provide the training and she coached graduates into working with some of the leading companies in the world. Emma also ran workshops and presented at City University, UCL, Manchester University and NYU in New York.

Emma is a Master NLP practitioner, emotional intelligence coach, IMA personality profiling practitioner and life coach and wrote a book called ‘The Graduate Bible’, which incorporated all of these techniques to coach young people and graduates on all the skills they needed to communicate effectively and secure their dream job. You can find a copy on Amazon today.

Erica Hoffmann

Key Account and Distributor Manager, Acosta Foodservice

The best part of me is my family! I have an amazing husband and we have a spunky 2 1/2 year old and I am a proud bonus mom to two girls and a bonus grandma to a little boy. For work, I am a broker for a food sales company, so I am responsible for managing the C&U segment with our company. To keep it simple, I sell food!

Erica Licht

International Consultant/Facilitator, Erica Licht

Erica is an international consultant and facilitator working in societal engagement models of dialogue, facilitation, leadership, anti-violence and radio. She is a Fulbright Scholar, and has focused her research and work on creating bridges between community members and stakeholders, through narrative and socially holistic curriculum. Her practice has spanned globally, particularly in sites of the African Diaspora and Continent, with long-term posts in Trinidad, Jamaica, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Since 2012, she has hosted the radio show “Justified Nature.” Erica is an
Alternatives to Violence Project Facilitator, Certified Yoga Teacher, wilderness enthusiast, and performance spoken word poet. She completed her Masters in Justice Policy at the London School of Economics, and Bachelors in Africana Studies and Human Geography at Vassar College, where she was the recipient of the Frederic C. Wood Prize for excellence in morals and ethics. She writes on and

Erick Rodriguez

CEO, Virtuous Imports LLC

My name’s Erick and I’m an eCommerce nerd, I’ve been at it since I was old enough to drive. Currently I lead a small global team in product design, manufacturing, and importing of product which we sell in the USA, EU, and CA.

Forrest Hardy

Co-Founder & CEO, Snapgood

Forrest Hardy is the passionate founder behind a new social startup called Snapgood. He created this cause-focused, mobile platform to enable people to directly take actions in their communities based on their interests. Forrest graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis in mechanical systems and a minor in International Engineering. He graduated Summa Cum Laude and with University Honors, and received a total of 35 scholarships during his degree program, including the prestigious Gilman Scholarship.

Forrest’s goal is to truly make the world a better place by enabling and empowering others to harness their potential. As a passionate traveler who has explored 23 countries thus far, he sees the possibilities for humanity, and has set out to do his best to see this come to fruition during his lifetime. He’s a big people-person, and he loves nature, staying healthy, photography, and spirituality.

George Montagu Brown

Founder, GDMB Enterprises

George Montagu Brown is the founder of GDMB, Profit Master and other digital learning companies as well as Surfing Nosara, a real estate and surf company based in Costa Rica. Since 2009 George’s programs have trained over 100,000 students from 40 countries on how to start and grow businesses. He is passionate about giving entrepreneurs the tools to succeed and live life on their terms.

Greg Wieting

Teacher, Mentor, Healthcare Provider, Founder, The Resilience Project

Greg Wieting founded The Resilience Project, a Trauma-Informed Reiki & Meditation School rooted in Yogic Philosophy. Greg’s mission is to inspire a touch revolution. Reclaiming the healing power of touch turns isolation into connection and pain into purpose. The Resilience Project helps us heal trauma and provides a trauma informed lens for healthcare professionals to deepen the breadth and scope of their practice.

Greg practices BodyTalk, a comprehensive, personalized healthcare system. We experience health when all parts of the body are functioning as one. Stress and trauma breakdown communication resulting in disease. BodyTalk identifies these breakdowns and restores communication. When all parts of the body are talking we heal.

Instead of chasing symptoms, Greg throws out the cookie cutter approach to address the underlying, causative factors resting beneath health issues. This takes the fear out of healthcare creating a safe, sustainable and life affirming approach to healing.

Holly Adler

Teacher / psychologist,

Holly Adler is currently a Resource Specialist with SFUSD, and psychology doctoral candidate at California Institute of Studies. When Holly started her first teaching position in a West-Philadelphia high school, she was overwhelmed by the need to address non-cognitive factors impacting student learning. She had no idea how seemingly significant variables, like intelligence, could some how be irrelevant to how much a student was learning. She began studying transformative education, which looks at the way we as humans develop internal systems for making meaning out of our experiences, and how this becomes a unique blueprint of our own worldview, which we use in every moment to interpret our unfolding lives. Research demonstrates that if we can learn to change our worldviews that limit our ability to grow and evolve, we can transform our whole lives. Holly is dedicated to bringing transformative psychology into mainstream social change projects.

Hung Pham

Founder, Culture Summit

Founder of Culture Summit, a conference that helps employees build culture from the bottom up. This idea was born from my own struggles as a disengaged employee. While other events and conferences are directed at executives, we focus on building culture at the employee level. Our mission is to empower every employee in the world to build the culture they want to work in.

Isabel Saenz-Conz

Director of Communications, San Francisco International Women Entrepreneurs Forum

Isabel Saenz-Conz is a lover of innovation, entrepreneurship, and education. She dreams of starting business opportunities to create positive social impact. Currently, she is the Director of Communications of the San Francisco International Women Entrepreneurs Forum, an alliance of international chambers, business associations and organizations in the San Francisco Bay area. Their mission is to collaborate, share resources and give visibility to various projects and initiatives, start-ups and businesses directed to or run by women around the world. She believes
that the best way to achieve social and economic development is by supporting the empowerment of women. Isabel has been living in San Francisco since the beginning of 2011. Previously, she worked as a Senior External Relations Specialist at the Communications Department of the International Monetary Fund in Washington D.C. She has a Masters of Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Georgetown University. Born in Quito, Ecuador, she is passionate about hiking, yoga, zumba, traveling and music.

Jaiime Tellez

Manager of Revenue Management Development, LATAM Airlines

Jaime is a Colombian engineer who has lived in Brazil and Chile for the past 5 years, working for private companies all his professional life (mostly in technology design and implementations for the airline industry). He is also applying to start an MBA next year.
Coming from medium-class Colombia, he grew up surrounded by violence and social issues, but protected by a loving family that showed him how having a privileged education there was a great responsibility. He is in a moment in life where he wants to apply all he has learned in the private sector to more social impacting organizations, exploring how private organizations could include the impact on their communities on their variables to make responsible yet economically efficient decisions.
He considers himself a great communicator (been told several times that could become millionaire with his radio voice), and a good problem solver when different perspectives and cultures are involved.

Jason Demant

CEO, Bento

Jason is the CEO of Bento, based in San Francisco. He is also the proud father of 2 young daughters.

Jeff Kraft

Founder, CatBird Strategy LLC

Jeff Kraft is a maze guide. He helps businesses navigate growth through the assessment of their people, their product, and the processes bringing them to market. Jeff is an expert in game theory, and believes in a calm approach to challenges. He relies on empathy and analytics in equal measure.

Jonathan Raymond

Founder, Refound

After twenty years of not being able to decide if I was a “seasoned executive” or a personal growth teacher, I stopped trying to figure it out. These days you’ll find me at, an advisory firm that offers leadership training and coaching for founders, executives, and managers.

I’m madly in love with my wife, try not to spoil my daughter, and will never give up on the New York Knicks. I’m the former CEO and Chief Brand Officer of E-Myth, where I led the effort to transform a global coaching brand. I’ve worked in a variety of industries including tech, clean tech, and the nonprofit world where I helped to start a non-profit that teaches meditation and yoga to at-risk youth. I live in Ashland, Oregon, a lovely town that’s too far away from a warm ocean.

Jzesern Tan

Lead Administrative Associate/Faculty Affairs Administrator, Stanford University

In addition to my work at Stanford I have a background in film, animation, and graphic design which gives me the ability to create and present video and graphic communication packages. I have the imaginative vision and the eye for design of an artist as well as the entrepreneurial skills to make sound business decisions. I’m looking to apply my ability to design, strategize, and implement social initiatives. My core goals are to create a connected global community while developing every individual’s potential. In addition, I have a keen interest in cross-cultural
interactions. As a Chinese minority born into the volatile political and social environment of Malaysia, I was exposed first-hand to a wide-array of cultures and the potential conflicts that can arise from miscommunication. I learned the key is always to try to understand the cultural nuances that underlie each situation.

Karishma Patel

Founder, Vacationr

Karishma is the Founder of Vacationr, which is a social travel company that allows users to plan trips together and share trip memories. Karishma received her BA from NYU majoring in Business and minoring in Entertainment. Upon graduating, she worked for Kevin Liles, Sony Music, ClassPass and LiveIntent before starting her own company earlier this year. She hopes to pivot Vacationr into a social impact business in the near future.

Kathy Herman

Corporate Attorney, Blank Rome LLP

Kathy Herman is a professional problem solver. She has practiced as a corporate, commercial and securities lawyer in a variety of contexts, both with large national law firms and as General Counsel of public companies. Kathy is always looking to add meaning and context to her life through learning new skills and immersing herself in experiential interactions. Kathy considers herself to be a really efficient implementer of solutions, rather than a visionary, and is learning to embrace encounters outside of her comfort zone that make her a little uncomfortable. Kathy has lived in the heart of Philadelphia for all of
her adult life, and is a champion of that city and everything it has to offer. One of Kathy’s superpowers is her ability to surround herself with smart, strong, resilient and interesting people.

Katiyana Kittay

Special Projects, Burning Man

Khadija Hamouchi

Founder and CEO, SEJAAL

Khadija Hamouchi is the founder and CEO of SEJAAL, an idea-stage venture, aiming to empower young entrepreneurial dreams across the Middle East and Africa. She envisions a world where young people feel fulfilled, satisfied, and supported to build their own future. She has been awarded 6 times internationally: WIEF Young Leaders Fellow 2015 (Spain), Stanford Business & Innovation Fellow 2015 (US), African Entrepreneurship Award 2015 Winner 25K $ (Marrakesh), Do School Social Innovation Lab 2016 (Berlin), Parisoma Open Accelerator Fellow 2016 (San Francisco).

Kimberly Holmes Wiggins

Founder, R-hyv

Kimberly Holmes Wiggins is a Columbia Journalism & Duke University alumna who has worked as a television anchor/reporter at stations across the country. She’s also worked behind the camera at several networks. She has solid experience shooting, editing and writing award-winning pieces that connect with various audiences, and recently became a Huffington Post contributor. Her new passion is launching her husband’s tech startup that encourages social collaboration. The love of her life was killed in a tragic incident this summer, and finishing his dream is the only thing that brings her comfort.

Lennart Hennig


On paper I am a freelance management consultant on digital transformation and innovation. But my heart beats for human connections and change. I practice different methods of mindfulness and consciousness inquiry and want to build tools to help humans to unleash their full potential.

I have studied law and did my MBA in Berlin, where I have set up a successful accelerator program for real estate startups before I started to help large corporations to enter the digital age.

I am a very curious person and love solving problems with creative concepts and business ideas. However, I often lack the self-management skills to prioritize and execute them in the right moment.

My big passion is to understand and use fear as a gift that helps me identify important situations and follow my path.

I attend the Hive program to start executing my plans and make an impact.

Lindsay Briner

Research Scientist, Neurohacker Collective & Transformative Technology Lab

I have a diverse background of passions and experience ranging from Transpersonal Psychology to physics to green energy technology. Currently I am currently working on my PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience. My research topic resides in the investigation of quantum coherence and vibrational modes of neural molecular structures that access the spacetime field of consciousness, and how consciousness is produced through the geometrical, self-organizing, information feedback systems of spacetime itself. Furthermore, the implications in how these universal properties fundamental to consciousness can be applied to enhance human potential and well-being, with the emerging industry of transformative technology at the forefront of these investigations. As such, I am also passionate about the future of customized medicine through stacked modalities of human optimization. What is human optimization? How do we measure it? And what are the foundational ethics of epistemology in this new emerging human ontology? I am currently interning at the Transformative Technology Lab in Palo Alto, CA alongside Dr. Jeffrey Martin, studying how to engineer higher states of consciousness. I also work as a resident Research Scientist for Neurohacker Collective, researching Nootropic products. I also love to dance, do yoga, run long distance out in nature, and surfing. I am so grateful to live in the bay area and indulge in the beautiful unique culture we have of community, art, music, and all that that entails… I am in love with life and so grateful for the privilege to be pursuing my dreams to be of service for a better tomorrow.

Linh Do

Editor-in-Chief, The Verb

Linh Do is a social change advocate and has been working on environmental issues since 2006. She has a background in community organising, campaigning, journalism and strategy development. Linh has worked with a wide array of individuals from high school students to UNEP and the Reuters Foundation. Linh co-founded OurSay, a technology service and is currently the editor-in-chief at The Verb, an environmental newswire service.

In 2013 was named a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Australian Geographic Young Conservationist of the Year and one of Junior Chamber International Outstanding Young Persons of the World. She is signed with BookedOut Agency and Claxton Speakers and can be found on Twitter as @lmdo. Linh is from Melbourne but has largely spent the last few years overseas.

Linh is currently exploring where she should next consider home, and how to best expend her energy. All ideas are welcome!

Lizette Dominguez

Global Account Manager, Saatchi & Saatchi NY

Liz is an adventurous Mexican who believes in the power of happiness, love, creativity and magic. Two months ago she decided to quit her job after 8 years of working in advertising. Why? Because she realized that her life’s purpose was different and decided to follow her dream to help make this world a better place doing something more inspiring. She believes that if we awaken people’s consciousness and make a positive tweak in the way they look at their lives, together we can help more people to become the best version of themselves and spread the light in a scalable way.

Synchronicities brought her here so she’s super excited to meet all of you, as we are all going to make magic happen in this world 🙂

Lourdes Arroyo

Looking for the next big thing!, N/A

A native Puerto Rican, Lulu, was drawn to San Francisco to explore the innovation/tech world. In her free time, you might find Lulu climbing, dancing, doing yoga, or befriending her Lyft driver. She believes in the potential within everyone and is looking for a way to actively help people unlock the power within. You should know that she left her job not too long ago and is looking for the next big thing. If you have any ideas, send them her way 😉

Luma Mufleh

CEO, Fugees Family, Inc.

Luma is founder and director of Fugees Family, Inc., which incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2006. Luma has coached soccer for over 10 years, and is currently the head coach of the Fugees Soccer teams. She has owned two small businesses: Fresh Start for America, a cleaning business employing refugee and immigrant workers, and Ashton’s, a coffee shop and cafe?. She earned her BA in Anthropology from Smith College. Her service has been recognized by a number of influencers including the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Award, 2008; Smith College Medal, 2010; Common Ground Award, 2010; Atlanta Magazine Groundbreakers Award Finalist, 2014; Leadership Character Awards, 2014; CNN Heroes Nominee, 2016; and the Manhattan Institute’s Cornuelle Award, 2016.

Manuel Gollner

Founder / CEO, Insight Image Advertising Solutions

I was born 1971 as nr. 3 of 3 children in Munich Germany and by now I am a parent of three children myself. I am married since 2004. I am very interested in life, yoga and to find out who I am and what this all around me really is. Right now my mind is occupied with our new Project GO! Entrepreneur where we activate young Africans to create jobs and how it will go to teach 4000 students within 2 weeks in the rural areas of Ethiopia in November.

María “Lulu” Mayorga


Ms. Mayorga is CVO for, a digital communications lab innovating with humanity to redesign the Internet for the future of 5G. In her role as Chief Visionary Officer, she is charged with executing the strategic roadmap for clients innovating globally through A.I., biotechnology, sustainability, clean energy and mind, body, spirit lifestyle products. Her clients include one of the largest angel investor networks in the Nation currently seeking to invest in tech organizations with women on the C-level who are driven by gender diverse teams. Mayorga’s expertise in millennial and multi-cultural
marketing strategies, IoT tech infrastructure development and targeted communications has landed her in advisory roles with U.S. Presidential Campaigns, State Government, Luxury Real Estate Developers, NY High Fashion Lines and the U.S. Music Industry. Mayorga began her career in television under the mentorship of the COO and VP of Research for NBC owned, Telemundo Networks, shortly after she was recruited as a research assistant and analyst for Viacom’s MTV & Nickelodeon, Global Research and Strategic Planning team.

As a technologist and strategist, Mayorga has managed the execution of complex projects ranging from $20,000, to $150 million in deliverables. Most recently, Mayorga served as a tech systems advisor for the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Innovation Division, Office of eDiplomacy. She advised on the deployment of tech camps worldwide a global hack-a-thon initiative working with NGO’s, journalists and engaged global citizens looking to solve humanitarian issues such as access to girls education, access to health information, empowering women’s entrepreneurship and fostering trans national cooperation. Mayorga is committed to community building and volunteering, she currently sits on the board for Island Corps, an environmental and leadership education non-profit looking to uplift the islands of the world through economic opportunity, travel and adventure volunteering. Ms. Mayorga is a certified first responder, golfer, audiophile, futurist, dog lover, yogi, surfer
health-nut and absolutely loves organic everything. Ms. Mayorga concentrated her education in the axioms of religion, technology, non-traditional diplomacy and culture. She completed and defended a thesis on resilient societies, Smartphone and Mobile Technology by evaluating the role of smartphone devices in mobilizing millennials during the uprisings in Egypt, Ukraine and Venezuela. She is a Georgetown University graduate.

Mario Chamorro

VP of Business Development, SOMA messenger

Mario is a Happiness Activist & Entrepreneur, part of a team that launched 1 app with 40 million users, +15 years biz dev experience.

Marsha Eaglin

Founder/CEO, IMPACT Family Center

Journalist, Marsha J. Eaglin founded IMPACT Family Center in 2005. She developed her passion for the Roseland community while attending church in the area as a teen. Her empowering teaching/motivation abilities and passion for helping of youth/families, has touched hundreds of lives. She serves as chief executive officer, editor/publisher/and executive director of media. She works with a dedicated board, staff, volunteers and hundreds of students she calls her “IMPACT sweeties.” Eaglin believes that digital media connected learning, academic enhancement, and mentoring can change the community one life at a time.

Eaglin has received journalism’s “top honor” the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award and other journalistic awards working for CBS News/Network News Service and other major news outlets. She served on the board of National Association of Black Journalists as well as NABJ-Chicago. Now, she is affectionately called, “The Olivia Pope of Youth Development.”

Eaglin received her Master’s in Educational Leadership at Chicago State University and her Bachelor’s Degree from Saint Xavier University. She grew up in Maywood and graduated from Proviso East High School.

In the rare times that Eaglin is not working, she enjoys being a mom to her children. She is passionate about cooking (specializing in Cajun), traveling, writing, listening to music, and going to the theater. Eaglin credits her late mother Alline Ward with teaching her the importance of prayer, a relationship with God, and unconditional love. She is inspired by her children: Allena, a high school journalism teacher with Chicago Public Schools, and Matthew, senior at the University of Illinois as broadcast journalism major. Eaglin knows that God’s has an outstanding plan for her life, and she is enjoying the journey and living life like its golden because it truly is.

Mary Phan

Founder/ Creative Director, Very Mary Inspired

Mary Phan, owner and creative director of Very Mary Inspired and founder of The Sketchbook Series, is a local SF Bay Area illustrator, educator, and creative entrepraneur looking to inspire other creatives. Her earlier work started as an interior designer then venturing out on her own to start an event design+ planning business in 2008. Since then, she has transitioned her business in a niche market teaching creative professionals and others to learn how to sketch design ideas onto paper. Aside from teaching at her sold our tours all over the country, she has also been invited to speak at creative
conferences, retreats and team building events in hopes to spread her message to those in search of a path to creativity.

Michael Woody

CEO, jobadvocate llc

A Retired US Army Ranger combat veteran, Michael spent decades traveling for military operations, to include Iraq. Michael’s education includes a Liberal Arts undergraduate degree from Temple University and a MBA from Villanova University. He’s received several leadership and teaching awards to include induction into the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club and the Best Ranger Competition. As a former semipro triathlete, Michael represented the US Army in several athletic events. He also is the former founder of Beatnik Bodega, a NY poetry group.
As the founder of JobAdvocate, Michael participated in Villanova University’s Innovation Creativity and Entrepreneurship pitch contest as a semi-finalist. JobAdvocate was one of five finalist selected to pitch in national Military Shark Tank. Additionally, Michael was selected as a participate in St. Joseph’s University Veterans Entrepreneurial Jumpstart and Bunker Labs Philadelphia for Veterans. Michael currently sits on the Board of Directors of Forienza’s Friends for Food.

Michaelah Ivie

HAIRapy, Self Employed

Michaelah “Miraculah” has been performing as a conscious comedian and “Wordjician” for the past 5 years. Through her linguistic style of word combining, she has created a new paradigm lexicon of portmanteaus to lend new meaning to commonly used words and expressions for the re-programming of consciousness. She encourages all beings to explore Linguistic Relativity. In her quest to understand the nature of duality she began to surreal~ealize how words shape reality. Miraculah sees word-play as a magical opportunity (or rather OpPortalTuneUnity) and SOULution to birth a new reality that directly impacts the quality of life on Earth for all beings everywhere. It is her belief that the time is NOW to co~create an upgrade of the English language to inspire and invent new ways of thinking, speaking, and feeling so we can move consciousness into the next dimension. As the Dalai Lama says, “Our thoughts create our words; our words create our choices; and our choices create our destiny…” Michaelah also has a double Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy and currently combines her work as a Hair Stylist with Personal coaching and transformation.

Mitchell Massie

Facilitator, N/A

Mitchell is interested in hearing what others see as possible with respect to our shared experience. He feels strongly that technological advancements have occurred to benefit the global family, and has dedicated his efforts toward bringing that vision to fruition. By facilitating the space necessary for honest, objective, and vulnerable communication, Mitchell seeks to connect on levels of the heart with his brothers and sisters of this life. The vision of universal basic needs met, symbiosis with nature established, and joyful creative expression of all as the basis of our experience is what moves him to action.

Mohnish S Sahrawat

Project Manager, Cummins Inc.

Mohnish Singh Sahrawat is a passionate believer in the power of collective goodness of human beings. Mohnish, belonging to a small town in India, have come a long way to be a proud NYU graduate and successful IT project manager at Cummins, but he firmly believes that his real journey has not yet began and he is all set to start. Mohnish, married to his soul-mate and a proud parent of 2 year boy, is in process of becoming a social entrepreneur and a movie maker and want to educate the world, spread positive motivation, and connect the world in a way that knowledge, love and all sort of richness can be shared freely without restrictions of color and race. Mohnish also writes on happiness, relationships, technology, future and any topics that can be soul searching.

Neha Panchal

Sr. Business Consultant, Wells Fargo

Neha Panchal is a Business Consultant who’s known for striving to go above and beyond in helping provide her clients with outstanding results. To do this she looks for inefficient procedures and workplace arbitrage, using this knowledge to design tools and strategies to implement in complex environments. Through her career Neha has built a reputation for integrating a human touch into her process, and prides herself on boosting the productivity and creativity of the teams around her. Neha holds a strong personal ethic, and her core values can be sensed in everything she does.

Nneka Eze

Associate Partner & Office Director, Dalberg Global Development Advisors

Nneka Eze is an Associate Partner and Office Director at Dalberg, a strategy consulting firm focused on global challenges. She is a market-tested expert on financial services, inclusive growth and sustainable development, and agriculture, with focus on investment analysis, strategic planning, and market research. Having worked in Africa for nearly a decade, she has a successful track record of working with investors, SMEs, multinationals, governments, and foundations.

Nneka helped build Dalberg’s operations in Africa, including growing the team from 12 people (currently over 100), and developing and executing recruiting process. Nneka wrote the business plan for and launched Dalberg’s first office in Nigeria, and leads the firm’s work in-country. She also leads Dalberg’s global agriculture expertise area and is actively invested in an agribusiness firm in Central Africa.

Prior to Dalberg, Nneka worked at McKinsey & Company and Lehman Brothers. She holds an A.B. in Economics cum laude from Harvard.

Rain Phutureprimitive

Owner, Phutureprimitive

Phutureprimitive is the moniker of Bay Area producer and songwriter Rain. Early childhood photos reveal Rain sitting at the piano plinking keys, grinning from ear to ear… a true sign of things to come. Continuing his early fascination, Rain was later drawn to electronic music, inspired by its ability to combine the best of organically played instruments and the synthetic pleasures of sounds more exotic to the human ear. After beginning a DJ career in the 90s, Rain began incorporating the music he was making in his home studio into his DJ sets. That was all it took to trigger a full blown love affair with electronic music and the process of its creation… and Phutureprimitive was born.

Raj Sandhu

Managing Member, Athena Advisors

Born in India and immigrated to San Francisco during high school, I’ve always had a multi-cultural worldview. Started work as a software developer and went to do product, marketing, venture capital, private equity (for an affiliate of Soros Fund Management in New York), founded and sold a company, and most recently have been an investor in startups and mentor to entrepreneurs. I enjoy working with entrepreneurs who are passionate yet realistic about what they do. I received a BS in Computer Science and Economics (double major) from Yale and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Rob Jones

Founder, The Bus

Rob Jones is an enthusiastic adventurer, aspiring entrepreneur, and high school basketball coach. He graduated with a Sports Administration degree and Coaching and Entrepreneurship minors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2015. Upon graduation he founded The Bus, a non-profit organization that uses travel for positive social impact, and traveled across the country for 11 weeks performing community service projects and exploring America’s National Parks. Rob has a passion for leadership development, travel and the outdoors, and helping others understand themselves and their place in the world. He just moved to
Palo Alto, CA from his home in Chapel Hill, NC on Tuesday this week and spent the last three weeks visiting National Parks on his drive out here. Rob is excited to call the Bay Area home and can not wait to get involved with an exciting company and make a positive impact.

Rodolfo Lazo

Country Manager, CARROFACIL

Rodolfo Lazo is country manager at CARROFACIL de Colombia SAS, a financial services company focused in the automotive industry. He has been living in Colombia for a little more than three years, when he was asked to start the Colombian branch of a Central American company. Rodolfo holds a Masters of Finance from MIT and he also holds an undergraduate degree in in Economics and Business Administration. He is from El Salvador and besides from his country he has also lived in Chile, USA and Colombia. He likes to learn new languages and is fluent in Spanish, English and French, also knows basic Portuguese. Lazo is also interested in
education, having taught several courses at his undergrad university, he still collaborates with his former university in El Salvador, he believes that Latin American countries development must rely in a better educated population.

Rory Gerberg

Diversity Consultant, Iceberg Solutions

My mission is to inspire empathy, compassion, and connection among individuals and within communities. This mission guides me personally—in my inclination toward deep relationships, and professionally—in my dedication to creating diverse and inclusive organizations. Over the years, I have collaborated with clients across sectors—from fellow graduate students at Harvard to indigenous Mayans in Guatemala—and helped them to diagnose problems and develop organizational solutions. Two months ago, I took a leap of faith and withdrew from UC Berkeley Law to build my own company. I am now piloting a program that enables individuals to address the impact of their implicit biases in the workplace—biases manifested in how we hear (or don’t hear) a colleague or how we hire or fire another. I believe tackling bias is the key to fostering vibrant, respectful and productive organizations. And if all else fails, we should all just dance (preferably salsa and bachata).

Ryan Singh

Lead Coordinator, iVenture Accelerator, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ryan Singh supports the creation of impact-driven ventures and ecosystems that enable these ventures and entrepreneurs to thrive.

Ryan co-founded and manages the award-winning iVenture Accelerator at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, alongside the campus-wide Social Innovation at Illinois initiative. He engages in educational design+teaching, program strategy+development, venture support, and research all in service of creating opportunities for student venture growth and education. To date, this has resulted in a three-course social entrepreneurship course sequence, a yearlong venture accelerator program with a half million-dollar annual budget that has supported 25 ventures, and a changemaker lecture series, among other programs.

Ryan is a core advisor with Invoq Health, a startup creating tools to help healthcare organizations in rural and semi-urban areas manage data and deploy clinical capabilities. He has had advisory or mentor roles for 60+ startups working on diverse issues in healthcare, technology, medicine, education, and social services both domestically and abroad in India and Honduras.

He holds degrees in Finance and Marketing from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, was a Watson University Social Enterprise Fellow, and participated in the US State Department Critical Language Scholarship Fellowship.

Sandra Kwak

CEO, Founder, 10Power

Saurav (Sunny) Arora

President, Jaypee Capital Services

Saurav Arora (Sunny) is the Co-founder of which is a tech company into vehicle tracking, asset tracking and fleet management services in India currently having 13000+ vehicles on the platform with service network in 36 cities. His background is from financial markets, stock markets trading. In his previous venture he was Co-Founder of United Stock Exchange of India (USE) in which 28 banks invested in India including Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in 2010; USE merged with BSE in FY 2014-15. He is passionate about building and scaling ventures. He invests as a search fund model in tech enabled companies, taking active roles and currently is active in IMHERE and looking to raise funds for next phase of growth. . He lives in New Delhi and got married in 2013 to his wife Natasha.

Seth Bunting

Director | VP Global Outreach, The Sights and Sounds Media House

Seth is a filmmaker, storyteller, and social connector out of Venice, CA. He is the co-founder of The Sights and Sounds Media House – a production and creative agency developed to bring transformational media to the world as well as the co-founder of Footprints – a VR travel documentary series and experiences company. His roles include Director, VP of Global Outreach, Head of Production, and VP of Immersive Content. By way of cohesive branding, digital storytelling, and immersive media, his team of forward thinkers seek to raise the level of human awareness globally by empowering people, businesses, and brands making an impact and solving the worlds toughest issues. These stories serve as the wrapper to show that doing good in the world is also good business. They call it, “Chocolate Covered Broccoli.”

Siyad Abdullahi

Pres & CEO, Pro-Health Care & The Language Banc, Inc,

Siyad Abdullahi Business and Health Care Leader and Entrepreneur President/CEO and founder of several companies employing over 350 employees, and over 1000 independent contractors in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Arizona. Nonprofit and dynamic community leader, entrepreneur, and bridge-builder across cultures, and communities: Siyad Abdullahi is a public health expert with a background in family medicine, international health, refugee, and immigrant health; public health consultant, businessman, entrepreneur, cross cultural competencies trainer, and public speaker/trainer. Siyad came to United States in 1999 and calls Minnesota home. Siyad brings his unique combination of education, dedication and experience to the businesses he founded and operates in the Twin Cities: President and CEO, Language Banc, LLC Founded in 2006, Language Banc is a Minneapolis-based language translation, interpreting and training agency primarily serving the healthcare and legal industries with more than 1000 on-call and staff interpreters. The agency’s interpreters cover over 100 languages on a 24/7 basis and meet National Standards of Practice for Interpreters in Health Care. The company is a market leader, and is among the top three language service companies in the State of Minnesota. Pres & CEO, Midwest Career Institute. The Institute, based in Minneapolis since 2004, trains and certifies health care professionals to take vital roles in the medical field. Since 2006 Midwest has trained more than 2000 caregivers to be nursing assistants, and home health aides. Many of these individuals have moved on and obtained further training and certification to become LPNs, RNs and CNPs. Siyad’s leadership includes oversight of curriculum design, student and faculty recruitment, enrollment, and instruction. Vice President & Director of Medical Affairs Pro-Health Care, Inc. Founded in 2007, this professional health care provider gives Class A in-home care in situations requiring a high level of support from registered nurses or personal care assistants outside of the Medicare framework. The company has about 300 employees and serves more clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Founder, President & CEO PT Works, LLC. This 15-employee agency provides culturally competent and culturally sensitive physical therapy and rehabilitation services to clients across many cultural groups in St. Paul and Minneapolis. PT Works offers outpatient care and serves home bound clients as well. Besides his medical training and education, Siyad holds master’s degree in public health, focused in international health, from Boston University School of Public Health in 2000. He did postgraduate study in clinical research at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. More recently, from 2009-2012, he attended the Tuck Executive Program for Executive Education at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Numerous nonprofit institutions have benefited from Siyad’s commitment to health care, cross- culturally competent care, New American communities and the African diaspora, and international development. His community activities benefit the Twin Cities and reach out to the nation and the larger world, including philanthropy that reaches his homelands of Kenya and Somalia. Among his public service roles are: Minnesota Children’s Museum 2014 to present Board Member, American Diabetes Association Minnesota Area, January 2014-Present Northern Kenya Education Trust (NOKET), 2010-Present World Bank Advisory Committee, African Diaspora, 2010 White House Business Council, 2012-Present Pan African Business Alliance Chamber of Commerce, 2004-2007 50th Anniversary of Kenyan Independence Event, 2013 Fair Vote MN Board Member and Board Vice President 2012- Present Co-Founder, and Past Chair, Academy of Bioscience 2005-2008 Board Member and Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Cedar Riverside Peoples Center Advisory Board Member, Bill and Penny George Family Foundation Advisory Board Member, Silos to Circles, a health care policy think tank City of Minneapolis CLIC (Capital Long-Range Improvement Committee) National Association of Corporate Directors City of Minneapolis, Public Health Advisory Committee Member, Greater MSP, 2010-Present And numerous public and community service roles, particularly those focused on healthcare, education, and economic empowerment for African refugees and other members of the New American community. Prior to his entrepreneurial and business career, Siyad was Director of Community Health for Cedar Riverside People’s Center Medical Clinic from 2005-2006, Vice President of Medical Affairs for Public Health Solutions from 2003-2006, and Founder of the Academy of Bioscience from 2004-2005. In 2012 he founded a Twin Cities radio program on AM 950 called Reflections of New Minnesotans to highlight the perspectives and concerns of these During his work at the Cedar Riverside Peoples Center, Siyad worked closely with the clinic CEO to: – Run the day to day operations of the clinic – Provide leadership, supervision, and oversight to support staff – Work closely with the Medical Director on provider issues, scheduling, recruitment, retention, and work flow. – Was a member of the CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) team and worked collaboratively with the Medical Director in planning the meetings, designing data gathering tools, help interpret data for other committee board members, and worked intently on meeting and exceeding the clinic’s goals in quality outcome measures. – Participated in Provider Recruitment. – Led the community relations, and neighborhood relations with the clinic – Established and executed an extensive community engagement strategy to enhance the profile of the clinic in the East African immigrant and refugee community in the twin cities metro. – Participated in various fundraising, fund development, and grant writing, and proposal development for the clinic. – As a board member, and a member of the finance, and governance committee, Siyad visited Capitol Hill with other FQHC and Minnesota Association of Community Health Centers, and engaged legislators, and legislative staff in the advocating for more funding, and support for Community Health Clinics, and FQHCs. Recent Awards and Other Data In 2013, Siyad Abdullahi was the recipient of the International Immigrant Achievement award granted by the Twin Cities International Leadership Institute and the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal. In 2000 he received the Boston University School of Public Health award of excellence in public health practice. Dr. Abdullahi is a frequent speaker in public forums locally and nationally on topics related to healthcare, culturally and linguistically competent health care, international development, the African diaspora, and other topics.

Sloane Joie Trugman

Communicator, Founder, Advocate, Besider, UPDATAD, Amunet Insights

Title: Social Innovator, Founder/CEO, Consultant

Sloane Joie Trugman is on a mission to democratize information. She focuses on field research to gain expertise and innovate all aspects of every culture and society she comes across.

Fearlessly embracing an approach of making change from the inside-out, she educates and facilitates decision-makers on the things that drive her: bold design, flat collaboration, safety & security, and difference, identity & culture(s). Key to this mission, Sloane pushes on the cultural insecurities surrounding the increasing interconnectivity between humans and machines to reshape social norms & architectures in order to prepare future generations to live and explore beyond our planet.

This focus has led to exploration of numerous industries & sectors including the depths of the US Defense and Intelligence communities as well as engaging with hundreds of thousands of people from all ages, many societies and culture , and sociological status from all parts of the world. It has also led to her build Amunet Insights which provides expertise in research, perception and strategy. She also getting UPDATAD, an NGO, off the ground and will be focusing on advocacy, awareness, and education campaigns to harness the power of insights to tackle some of the UN’s 17 SDGs.

Sloane’s big goal is to transform the world by fostering ease in data interoperability and acceptance of others to create civil programs that focus on a new way of interacting to enable greater individual action and unleash a never-before-seen access to information for humanity and our planet.

Sofiah Thom

Co-founder and Creative Director, Danyasa Eco-Retreat

Sofiah is the founder of the School of Temple Body Arts™ offering in-depth immersions and teacher trainings, on-line and in person to help women access their creative potential and Live their YES. She is the co-author of The Path of the Priestess Book; Discover Your Divine Purpose. Sofiah teaches and performs in person around the globe. Driven by her lifelong passion for dance, creative expression and tantra yoga, Sofiah creates a safe container for personal empowerment, through sacred movement and inner exploration. Alongside her husband Brendan, Sofiah co-founded the Envision Festival in Costa Rica, a conscious festival celebrating music, art and sacred movement. Together, they co-founded Danyasa Eco-Retreat in the beautiful beach town of Dominical, Costa Rica where they reside.

Stephanie Staidle

Founder, Business Coach, The Right Brain Entrepreneur

Stephanie Staidle, founder of The Right Brain Entrepreneur, is a licensed art therapist and business coach who helps individuals and companies bring their visions alive into the world through businesses they love that make a difference. Stephanie uses cutting-edge techniques based in the newest findings of neuroscience for her on-site workshops and coaching to professionals worldwide. With 18 years of experience in psychology, she speaks to audiences on the necessary fundamentals of building a successful business and the science behind achieving results by using an underused resource called ‘right
brain thinking’. Stephanie has been widely recognized for her unique methodology and featured as an expert on NBC, Tedx, and SXSW having worked with executives of Google, Morgan Stanley, and American Express.

Tyler Winick

Creative Producer, Self-Employed

Valerie Shen

Investor, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers

Valerie is an investor at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers’ Green Growth Fund, investing in teams sustainably applying new technologies to traditional industries. She studied Environmental Science and Public Policy at Harvard, and is excited about working at the intersection of business, politics, and science to address challenges caused by climate change. Prior to KPCB, Valerie was a consultant at McKinsey & Company, working primarily with traditional energy clients. She also has experience with cleantech investment banking, climate science research, state government, an environmental non-profit, and a solar
start-up. Valerie is originally from Madison, Wisconsin.

Van Thanh Nguyen

Interim Country Manager – Philippines, Traveloka

A Vietnamese native with 5+ years of experience in management consulting, financial control, operations improvement, and new business development across Southeast Asia (extensive geographical focus includes Vietnam, Thailand, and Philippines). A cat-aholic and an enthusiastic foodie. Addicted to growth, conscientious about paying it forward, and desire to leave this world a better place for our future generation.

Vanessa Shaw

Co-Producer, Culture Summit

I have worked in many fields, my first training was done in conjunction with a White House Initiative, where at just 23 years old. (I know, I know, so young! Who gave me that much authority? But I’m so glad they did) I presented at more than 50 universities on designing 21st century global leadership. I served as main representative to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations for three years. (that sounds a lot more impressive than it really was, lots of paperwork, forms and ‘official things’)

I earned my B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz -go Slugs! I love learning, and enjoyed studying more than parties, thus- I graduated in top 10% receiving Phi Beta Kappa National honor (my party-to-studying ratio has seriously altered since I became a grownup).