Hive - The Global Community for Leaders Creating a Better World
The Global Community for Leaders Committed to A Better World

Join the Hive global community of 1850 CEOs, leaders, & entrepreneurs from 125 countries who are working on creating a better world and living lives of purpose. Hive Africa is May 2-5, Hive Europe is June 22-25, and the Hive Global Leaders Summit is August 16-19.

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Hive educates leaders on business, entrepreneurship, leadership, digital marketing, wellness, personal transformation, philosophy, happiness, the future of science and technology, and social impact. Hive offers courses, community, and inspiring events for leaders from around the world.


Hive has developed a global alumni community of 1850 purpose-driven CEOs, entrepreneurs, and innovators from 125 countries. A "Hive" is a gathering of diverse leaders who are working on creating a better world.


The Hive Global Leaders Program has been hosted so far in San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, Abuja, Lagos, and Berlin. We educate, connect, and inspire entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs who work together on solving humanity's greatest challenges. Join us.

What is Hive?

Hive is the global community for leaders. Our flagship event, the Hive Global Leaders Program (GLP) is a 3-day immersive workshop on purpose, leadership, entrepreneurship, and wellness for entrepreneurs held in many locations around the world.

Alumni enter into a lifelong community of purpose-driven innovators working together on creating a better world while supporting each other in building their organizations. Over 1850 leaders from 125 countries have come through Hive so far.

You can also learn more about Hive Africa, Hive Pakistan or Hive Europe. Hive also offers business coaching and online courses.

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