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Hive is a global network of extraordinary leaders and entrepreneurs who are creating a better world. Since January 2014, we’ve brought together 430 innovators from 60 countries around the globe.

The next Hive Global Leaders Program is February 12-15, 2016 in San Francisco, California. The deadline to apply is January 3, 2016.

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Join the Hive community of extraordinary mission-driven leaders and entrepreneurs from 60 countries around the world. Have a world-class lifelong global network that is here for you through the challenges and celebrations ahead.


Hive attendees are leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainable development, social change, finance, the future of science and tech, design thinking, renewable energy, mindfulness, athletics, the arts, and more.


After Hive, you will be ready to achieve your goals for the next phase of your life. You will have clarity on how you can make the biggest positive impact through your work and be part of the Hive Alumni Network.

What is Hive?

Hive is a new type of educational experience for extraordinary leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are actively working to create a better world.

In little more than a year, we’ve received over 5000 applications for our 3-day weekend programs, and we've welcomed 430 innovators from 60 countries to San Francisco. Hive makes the world a better place through connecting & convening people that make a big positive impact & helping them do even more.

The next Hive Global Leaders Program is February 12-15 in San Francisco, California. Read more or Apply now!

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