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What is the Hive Global Leaders Program?

Our flagship program, the Hive Global Leaders Program, is a 3-day leadership training program for mission-driven leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs held at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, and in Los Angeles. It is designed as the entry into a lifelong community of leaders working together on creating a better world.

Over the last three years, Hive has built a global alumni community of 1500 leaders and entrepreneurs from 115 countries who are working on creating a better world.

Hive Global Leaders so far include CEOs of $250 million companies, award-winning Ashoka Fellows, elected leaders, neuroscientists, Olympic Gold Medalists, Rwandan genocide-survivors turned inspiring public speakers, technology entrepreneurs, Harvard and Stanford professors, Sudanese refugees turned scientists, renewable energy investors, Nepalese activists, World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders, IDEO design thinkers, top engineers from Facebook, Google, and Apple, World Bank and UN researchers, venture capitalists, Virgin Galactic astronauts, and many more extraordinary leaders working to create a better world.

Hive isn’t a regular conference at all, but instead is a in-person three-day collaboration with extraordinarily talented creatives and innovators from 30+ countries designed to welcome you into an extremely high quality peer network for you throughout the rest of your life regardless of where you travel or what journey you take. The Hive community will always be with you wherever you go. At Hive, there are few handshakes and business cards exchanged, and a lot of hugs and lifelong relationships formed.

Who Attends Hive?

Over half of Hive attendees are from outside the United States and over half are CEOs, Co-founders, Managing Directors, Executive Directors or Presidents of their organizations. What each attendee has in common is a shared passion for creating a better world. See the flyer here.

At Hive, you’ll have the opportunity to reimagine the future of society, reflect on your life’s purpose, create an action plan for the next phase of your life, implement daily habits that will help you make a bigger impact, and join a committed network of mission-driven leaders who can help you achieve your goals.

What Does Hive Provide?

The Hive Global Leaders Program (GLP) is a 3 day holistic leadership training program designed to provide you:

  1. Clarity: Get clarity on your purpose, goals, habits, and action plan for the next phase of your life
  2. Confidence: Join a lifelong global network of leaders who will support you through the challenging times in your journey
  3. Community: Re-imagine the world together with a brilliant, diverse, and caring group of entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, technologists, artists, activists, academics, athletes, writers, teachers, architects, executives, investors, international development professionals, and political leaders then join a lifelong peer community of leaders that is with you in each city you visit.

Day 1 is focused on what’s going on in the world. Day 2 is focused on what’s going on in your life. Day 3 is focused on what’s going on in your work – and how to use your work to make a scalable positive impact.

You will leave Hive inspired but also rooted in a new calm presence you bring to your work. You’ll feel grounded in new habits and in new ways of living happy and healthy lives of gratitude and joy and have a lifelong community of supporters wherever you go.

You’ll take away your framed one page life plan from Hive’s “Designing Your Life Workbook” that helps you get deep clarity on your purpose, goals, habits, and action plan for getting to the next level in your life. You’ll have time to reflect, time to learn, time to play, and time to plan your next steps as a leader as you enter this next phase of your life ahead.




Watch this video below for a brief overview of the Hive experience:

What Will I Learn?

grandglobalchallengesThe Hive Global Leaders Program is designed to educate and connect extraordinary people who are making a big positive impact in the world. The curriculum has been built for mission-driven leaders and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating a future that is radically better than the present. You can download our event flyer here (PDF).

The Hive curriculum has been influenced by the Harvard Business School MBA program, the Singularity University Executive Program, the Stanford d.school, the Harvard Graduate Student Leadership Institute, and the work of Google X pioneer Tom Chi.

On day one we look at what is happening in the world. We look at the Global Grand Challenges, look at how humanity is doing across health, education, economics, happiness, and the environment, look into the future of science and technology and the biggest opportunities for millennials, work together on the principles upon which we might redesign the global system, and experience a rapid prototyping workshop with Tom Chi.

On day two we discuss what is happening your life, look at your health and wellness and your financial plan, go through a Designing Your Life Workshop, create your goals, reevaluate your habits, and create your personal one page plan.

Finally on day three we look at what is happening in your work and learn about authentic leadership and scaling an entrepreneurial organization, cover expansion stage sales and marketing, hold a Hive Unconference, and end the day with each participant framing their one page life plan and presenting their purpose to the group.

After Hive, you will have new ideas and frameworks to take back to your daily life that will make you a more effective leader, and you’ll be part of a global lifelong community of leaders working together on solving humanity’s greatest challenges. Whether you are extremely successful and established in your position, or ready to transition toward a new place in your career, you will leave Hive with greater clarity on how your work can positively affect your community and the world.


The Global Hive Network

Hive is building the global community for leaders and entrepreneurs who are creating a better world. Join us. Apply now for Hive.

So far, Hive Global Leaders Programs (GLPs) have convened 1,500 entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators from 115 countries around the world.

Hive Global Leaders include CEOs of $250 million companies, award-winning social entrepreneurs, elected leaders, neuroscientists, Olympic Gold Medalists, Rwandan genocide-survivors turned inspiring public speakers, technology entrepreneurs, professors from Harvard and Stanford, Sudanese refugees turned innovators, renewable energy investors, Nepalese activists, World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders, IDEO design thinkers, top innovators from Facebook, Google, and Apple, World Bank and UN researchers, venture capitalists, Virgin Galactic astronauts, and many more extraordinary leaders working to create a better world.

Over half of attendees are from outside the United States by design and most are CEOs, Co-founders, Managing Directors, Executive Directors or Presidents of their organizations. Regardless of their backgrounds, what each attendee has in common is a shared passion for creating a better world.


Hive Mentors & Advisors


The Hive Team

The Hive team comes from Harvard, Stanford, and Northwestern and has worked for the United Nations, Ashoka, Operation Smile, Amnesty International, iContact, and the InterAmerican Development Bank. We are deeply committed to building a global community of CEOs, leaders, and entrepreneurs working together on creating a better world.

Ryan Allis HiveRyan Allis | Chairman

Ryan is the Chairman of Hive. He was previously CEO and Co-founder of iContact and led the company to 300 employees, $50M a year in sales, and $170M sale to Vocus in 2012. Ryan is an Emeritus Member of the UN Foundation Global Entrepreneurs Council, served as National Co-Chairperson of Technology for Obama during the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election, and worked with the U.S. State Department to teach entrepreneurship in Cairo after the 2011 Revolution. Ryan is an impact investor via Hive Ventures with investments in 36 companies including SpaceX, Change.org, LendingClub, Kuli Kuli, Soma, and Off-Grid Electric. He studied economics at UNC-Chapel Hill and received his MBA from Harvard Business School where he was Co-President of the Social Enterprise Club and a fellow of the Harvard Graduate School Leadership Institute. Ryan is a Certified Life Coach and is passionate about ensuring that every leader in the world has true community.


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 1.06.41 PMSam Lazarus | Chief Executive Officer
Sam is the Chief Executive Officer of Hive Global. Sam was previously the Co-Chair of the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference and worked in program management for Operation Smile where he organized and managed teams of medical volunteers that provided free facial reconstructive surgery to patients. He is humbled by the amazing Hivers he met during Hive GLP 7 in Boston and is eager to share the experience and lifelong community with as many people as he can reach. His life purpose is to help others realize their own potential and take the necessary steps to act on it. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese and Geography from Middlebury College.
paolaPaola Cordovez Cereceda | Events Director
Paola is an explorer who is passionate about international development and humanitarian aid. Prior to joining the Hive team, she was the Co-Chair of the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference, worked at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC, and interned at the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Geneva, the Organization of American States in Washington DC, and at Yspaniola Inc., an community development nonprofit based in the Dominican Republic. She is fluent in Spanish, English and French. Paola has a Masters in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and a B.A. in International Affairs from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM).
paolaAldi Kaza | Community Director

Aldi works at the intersection of creative problem solving,  pragmatic decision making and a stellar sense of humor. He is eager to step into his new role as Hive’s Community Director: working with the alumni community to build support systems and structures to maximize the impact of Hive around the world. His previous work includes time at high-level talent management and production company Anonymous Content in Los Angeles and freelance television commercial production in Chicago. Originally from Boston, Aldi studied Radio/Television/Film at Northwestern University, where he served as Director of Productions for the largest event production student groups: A&O Productions and Mayfest. Aldi has been with the Hive team since 2013 and served as Hive’s Operations Director.



Christine Juang | Community Support Associate

Christine is the Community Support Associate with Hive, dedicated to building a more powerful and connected community of leaders. She is passionate about empowering people, giving a voice to the under-served, and making a positive difference in any circumstance. Christine is a proud University of California, Irvine graduate and has worked with various non-profit organizations with an emphasis on youth education or development, such as Spark Program, Beloved International, Miracles for Kids, and Kenya Dream. Being a part of this team is a tremendous privilege that Christine hopes to use to better impact the world.




paolaSatya Kamdar| COO of Hive Ventures

Satya is the Chief Operating Officer of Hive Ventures, an impact investing fund that invests in companies creating a better world. He was previously COO of Clean Program, the Community Manager at Simbi, Partnerships Director of FactoryX with GoogleX rapid prototyping pioneer Tom Chi. He has worked internationally in Panama and at the Mumbai Stock Exchange and spent time living in a Jain Ashram in Gujarati, India. I’m infatuated by people and ideas, especially ones that are oriented towards bettering the themselves and the world around them. One of his favorite things about San Francisco is learning the diverse array of how people choose to define ‘bettering themselves and the world around them.’ He loves being in conversation with someone when they realize that they’re about to say something that they haven’t ever said before.


paolaNadia Mufti | Experience Designer

Before helping to launch FactoryX, Hive and Kuli Kuli, Nadia worked at Ashoka in Washington D.C, where she was Founding Director of Ashoka’s A*Year Program, a start-up within the organization designed to recruit social entrepreneurs to work at Ashoka. She is passionate about life design, experience design, mindfulness/meditation, and helping others discover and pursue what makes them come alive. In addition to working on Hive, Nadia is currently launching the FactoryX Fellowship to engage inspired entrepreneurs, makers, and innovators in experimenting with new ways of launching companies with FactoryX. She attended Stanford University where she majored in International Relations and explored the intersection of design thinking and social entrepreneurship through coursework at the Stanford GSB and the d.school.


paolaVictoria Moore | Hive Women’s Retreats

Victoria is an author, educator, and explorer with a passion for helping women come alive. Her adventurous spirit has led her to circumnavigate the globe three times, shoot a documentary film series on international aid effectiveness in eight countries, and embark on multiple expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica as a polar photographer. She has spent time on every continent and in more than eighty-five countries. Victoria is best known for her work as a pioneering advocate to improve the field of international aid. She started her own social enterprise at age twenty-four and later authored a best selling book on the subject of aid effectiveness called Beyond Good Intentions: A Journey Into the Realities of International AidHer work has been featured in O! The Oprah Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and on NPR. Victoria received her B.A. from Duke University, served as a Fulbright Scholar in Egypt, and obtained an M.Ed degree from Harvard University. These days her greatest joy comes from working with young women and helping them uncover what truly lights them up.


paolaMike Gavela | Associate

Mike Gavela is an Associate for Hive Ventures and assirs with marketing and sales for the Hive Global Leaders Program. He is passionate about creating a happier, healthier, and exciting world through advancements in science, technology, and medical research. Mike is a proud alum of Seton Hall University.


paolaBrian Wreckler | Associate

Brian is an Associate for Hive Ventures and helps with marketing and sales for the Hive Global Leaders Program. Before joining the Hive team, he worked with Amnesty International, Impact Leadership 21, and The Dr, Martin Luther King, Leadership Program at Seton Hall University. He is fluent in Spanish and English. Brian has a Bachelor in International Relations, and a Minor in Economics from Seton Hall University. Brian is dedicated to creating a world in which the needs of every person is met.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Dana Chambers | Executive Assistant

Dana earned her Bachelor’s degree from Chapman University in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Management.  Since graduation she has found a great satisfaction in helping people achieve their goals and purpose as an executive assistant in the work force. She moved to San Francisco in 2010 and fell in love with the mission driven, innovative and fast paced startup environment. As an executive assistant in this startup mecca, she has transcended responsibilities of a conventional assistant in order to satisfy the needs of lean companies by filling in gaps in departments like human resources, operations, finance, event production and administration. She is honored to be part of the Hive team and is ready to conquer great obstacles to create a better world with a community that she is perpetually humbled by.


Miko | Chief Canine Officer at Hive

Miko is a true testament to self-learned and innate skillsets and successes. Coming from a background in security services, touch therapy, and morale management, her contributions at Hive lend to office safety and culture building, among other HR responsibilities. Although her presence has been sought after by bay area moguls large and small, she did not hesitate to join Hive and it’s team of mission driven individuals, as she was satisfied that this opportunity would be a main catalyst in creating a better world for all creatures on this planet.