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What is the Hive Global Leaders Program?

Hive provides leadership and entrepreneurship training for extraordinary purpose-driven leaders. We bring together top CEOs, executives, rising managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, and philanthropists who are working to create a better world and solve humanity’s greatest challenges. At Hive, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the future of society, reflect on your life’s purpose, create an action plan for the next phase of your life, learn tools and habits that will help you make a bigger impact, and join a committed network of mission-driven leaders who can help you achieve your goals.

The Hive Global Leaders Program (GLP) is a three-day immersive leadership training program designed for executives, leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs to:

  • Help you get clarity on your purpose, goals, and action plan for the next phase of your life
  • Bring you into a lifelong global network of leaders who will support you through the challenging times in your journey
  • Work together with a brilliant, diverse, and caring group of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, technologists, artists, activists, academics, athletes, writers, teachers, architects, executives, investors, international development professionals, and political leaders on designing the future of human society


Day 1 is about on what’s going on in the world. Day 2 is focused on what’s going on in your life. Day 3 is focused on what’s going on in your work – and how to use your work to make a scalable positive impact. You will leave Hive with a community of supporters and a completed “Designing Your Life Workbook” that helps you get clarity on your purpose, goals, habits, and action plan for getting to the next level in your life. You’ll have time to reflect, time to learn, and time to plan your next steps as a leader.

You can apply now for the October, November, or December 2016 Hive Global Leaders Programs.

Apply here.

Watch this video below for a brief overview of the Hive experience:

What Will I Learn?

grandglobalchallengesThe Hive Global Leaders Program is designed to educate and connect extraordinary people who want to make a big positive impact in the world. The curriculum has been built for mission-driven leaders and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating a future that is radically better than the present. You can download our event flyer here (PDF).

The Hive curriculum has been influenced by the Harvard Business School MBA program, the Singularity University Executive Program, the Stanford d.school, the Harvard Graduate Student Leadership Institute, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, The Landmark Curriculum for Living, the Art of Living Foundation, and the work of Google X pioneer, Tom Chi.

On day one we look at what is happening in the world. We look at the Global Grand Challenges, look at how humanity is doing across health, education, economics, happiness, and the environment, look into the future of science and technology and the biggest opportunities for millennials, work together on the principles upon which we might redesign the global system, and experience a rapid prototyping workshop with Tom Chi.

On day two we discuss what is happening your life, look at your health and wellness and your financial plan, go through a Designing Your Life Workshop, create your goals, reevaluate your habits, and walk in silence to reflect on your purpose statement.

Finally on day three we look at what is happening in your work and learn about authentic leadership and scaling an entrepreneurial organization, cover expansion stage sales and marketing, hold a Hive Unconference, and end the day with each participant framing their one page life plan and presenting their purpose to the group.

After Hive, you will have new ideas and frameworks to take back to your daily life that will make you a more effective leader, and you’ll be part of a global lifelong community of leaders working together on solving humanity’s greatest challenges. Whether you are extremely successful and established in your position, or ready to transition toward a new place in your career, you will leave Hive with greater clarity on how your work can positively affect your community and the world.