Scenes from the Hive Global Leaders Program

Hive Global Leaders Program at Harvard


Re-Capping the August 2015 Hive Global Leaders Program

Recap of Hive Global Leaders Program 6 in San Francisco – Feb 2016

Video Overview: What is Hive?

60 Second Trailer: What is the Hive Global Leaders Program?

3 Minute Trailer: What is the Hive Global Leaders Program?

Video: Hive 1 Alum Lauren Burke

Video: Levi Felix of Digital Detox and Camp Grounded on the Importance of Spending Time in Person

Video: Ben Rattray, CEO of on Hive, democracy, and global leadership

Video: January 2014 Hive | The Future of Technology – Aaron Frank, Singularity University

As one of the earliest employees of Singularity University, Aaron Frank has been involved in leading the business development initiatives for the organization. In his role, Aaron meets with government and corporate groups to lecture on the impact that disruptive technologies will have on society.

Video: January 2014 Hive | Building Your Team Culture – Dave Kashen, Quantum Leading

Quantum Leading was founded by Dave Kashen with a vision for helping leaders access their courage, power and wisdom to achieve their goals and dreams. Unlike traditional change initiatives and workshops, Quantum Leading creates a shift in the lens through which leaders see the world, enabling them to achieve seemingly impossible results.

Video: January 2014 Hive | Mindfulness – Rich Fernandez, Wisdom Labs

Rich Fernandez, Ph.D., is a Columbia-trained psychologist specializing in leadership and organizational development, most recently as the head of executive education at Google. Rich combines nearly two decades of experience working at organizations such as Google, eBay, and J.P. Morgan Chase with his deep expertise in cognitive psychology, human performance science and organizational theory to deliver transformational people development solutions in business settings.

Video: January 2014 Hive | Real Food – Rebecca Jean Alonzi, Rebecca Jean Catering

Rebecca Jean Alonzi recognized her entrepreneurial spirit at an early age, harnessing her passionate drive and well-rounded industry savvy to propel her company into rapid success. A 15–year veteran of the hospitality industry with stints at Quince and EPIC Roasthouse, Rebecca now leads a team of more than 25 professionals as owner of Rebecca Jean Catering.


Photos from our May 2016 Hive Global Leaders Program

May 2016 Hive GLP

Photos from our April 2016 Hive Global Leaders Program

April 2016 Hive GLP

Photos from our March 2014 Hive Global Leaders Program

March 2014 Hive GLP

Photos from our January 2014 Hive Global Leaders Program

January 2014 Hive GLP